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I love Venom
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Iron Spider: Flash? Flash, it's me, Rainbow Dash...


Iron Spider: Flash, you need to get rid of the symbiote! It's screwing up your mind!

Venom: ENOUGH!

*Venom lunges at Iron Spider, but Iron Spider flies out of the way*

*Iron Spider hits Venom with a sonic blast, knocking Venom out*

*Iron Spider ensnares Venom with her webbing*

Iron Spider: I'm sorry, Flash...
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Good Job: i give you a video about Venom draw, share if you like =) (Smile)…
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Forest Nymph [Request]: Licks Orange 

Very well done by the way.
It looks great.
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You traced this from Dan Luvisi's venom painting. I did an overlay in photoshop and they are virtually identical.
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what programme he take to make that??
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Oh... wow...
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Dat tongue. Dose fangs. Dat saliva. :iconjawdropplz:
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that is the shit, you are really talented wow
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Awesome! I love venom too man!
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Venom is awesome. :)
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:clap: Awesomeness! 
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It looks like you copied danluvisiart's work.…

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very very very cool.  Very nightmarish!!!
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Used this as a referance to practice my marker rendering here [link]

Still got a long way to go before i'm your standard haha, good job :)
Awesome! It has the soul of the character !
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this is brilliant i would love to buy this as a canvas
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someon is posting all your drawings !
they ut them on their site !

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