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About Varied / Hobbyist Laura28/Female/Finland Recent Activity
Deviant for 6 Years
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Predator by T-RexJones Predator :icont-rexjones:T-RexJones 279 24 Boba Fett by T-RexJones Boba Fett :icont-rexjones:T-RexJones 341 13 The Ghost Rider by T-RexJones The Ghost Rider :icont-rexjones:T-RexJones 537 23
Swinger on a string
Strung out,
on the ropes
All washed up,
tied up and boxed in
Lost you there
on the pay role
Red light on
Little black dress,
blue ribbon in her hair
All dolled up,
a cross dresser
No place to go,
but down
Poker faced,
panda eyes
in the closet
Coming out,
underneath the street light
Hitched a ride,
fast car to no where
Called out your name
Murder in his eyes,
pistol shy
As he rolls down his window,
She looks the other way
Rear view mirror,
he looks her up and down
Whispers in her ear,
The price of love is high tonight
On the take,
a bullet to the heart
Red rose in a syringe,
blood tears
Colors bled,
a faded rose  
A murder scene,
a prostitute of love
Truth or dare,
cheap thrills
a gamble
One in a million,
what are the chances
A maniac for your love
:iconrjbg:RJBG 12 3
Filling Empty Space
Let me tell you about heartbreak,
it's not the things that you say.
It's not the ugliness, the anger,
or the tears, or the pain.
But, filling the silence,
with all the words you never say,
If I could run, but I can't,
and I feel them anyway.
Loneliness is your business,
I was happy before your stay.
Put me in a prison, it wasn't my burden to share.
Now, it's killing you to say.
But if you can't let it go,
I'll just fade.
Seems like such a heavy thing to say,
I've tried a million ways, I'm here to stay.
:icon7evid:7evid 1 0
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:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 4 41
Suppose that was a clue of sorts,
Perhaps that was a look?
Did we just share a moment?
Was something I mistook?
Was that a subtle glance my way
Or am I being vain?
But on and on these questions
Circle round and round my brain
It's guesswork
Just guesswork
I wonder if you wonder, and I wonder why I do...
It's guesswork
Only guesswork
I wonder if you wonder if I'm kinda into you
I see you walking through the door
And drift across the room
You end up standing by my chair
But I hate to assume
You're talking to those friends of yours
And I ask 'how are you?'
You chat and sit, but that was it
And I'm returning to...
My guesswork
Good old guesswork
I wonder if you wonder and I wonder why I do
This guesswork
Massive guesswork
I wonder if you wonder if I'm kinda into you
When somebody cracks a joke
Guess where my eyes race:
Across the group to where I see
The laughter on your face;
And am I only seeing things?
Am I where your eyes land?
If this is real, I love this game,
But how long can I stan
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 18 18
A Disturbing Thought
A coroner
With a boner
:icondorrrrin:dorrrrin 5 6
Morning Screams
One more morning dawns
Quiet with the rising sun
Shining with beauty
Upon a waking new world
That leaps forth to grow and change
Excepting of course, me
The screaming is in my head
Echoing to burst
Clawing the back of my eyes
About to come pouring out
Just one more day, keep breathing
:iconshihsntz:ShihSnTz 25 19
Winter in Finland.. by KariLiimatainen Winter in Finland.. :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 272 11 The Tunnel by Pajunen The Tunnel :iconpajunen:Pajunen 981 163
janus janus another god satellite too far away
nomenclature nomenclature
musculature musculature.
let my miniature universe
that you godship peak into
some actual existence. 
maybe???? your hands
are everything i needed
maybe your hands maybe your hands
maybe repetitious maybe your hands
maybe i am obsessive
maybe this isn't lyrical
maybe nomenclature musculature
making my miniature universe
in god's ship in god's silhouette.
silo hues in the grain
of your waist lined hands,
i am a lonely mess
that can't see that far
into the distance,
but i see you
in my immediate plane. 
and you won't let me fly,
you won't let the lines
level flush into your mouth,
swallow my love, swallow my love,
swallow my love.
dire views in the shame
of my waste lined hands,
i am a lonely mess
that can't be that mar
into the essence,
but i see you,
in my immediate vein.
and you won't let me die,
you won't let the guides
level hush into my house,
wallow my dove, wallow my dove,
wallow my dove.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 49 24
Selfie- 31 by OmriKoresh Selfie- 31 :iconomrikoresh:OmriKoresh 138 24 Alien by dleoblack Alien :icondleoblack:dleoblack 426 19


Daghrgenzeen's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
About My Art



Novel Projects


Please note that my photography is not meant for stock purposes!


© Daghrgenzeen. All rights reserved. None of my works may be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, downloaded, re-uploaded and/or sold in any way without my full and written permission.

People have written poems about me, and it's just... :blush: People!! :love:
daghrgenzeen.she puts rose petals at the ends of her
sentences, planting seeds inside
consonants and trimming her vowels—
her words bloom, a botanical garden
put on display in the air—no glass
could ever contain her flowers; they
are free to be plucked from the sky
and put in people's hair, decorating
otherwise gray minds—her tongue
is the deepest green in the garden,
her voice more refreshing than
water; let her plant you in the clouds
Daghr Daghr!she
a graceful dancer
spins and leaps
a butterfly
roses on her cheeks
the walls of life surround her
a garden, an eden in her soul
the skies above are sunrise pink
a testament to her smile
a tempest
a surge of words and thought
floods my gasping lungs
a tall oak
a leaning place for the weary
the kindness of her honesty
is mercy for the open-hearted
and censure for the fool
her days mark another cycle through the sun
I'm proud to know her for another one

Features with my Works, too. :rose:

PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE NOTIFICATIONS FOR LLAMA BADGES TURNED OFF. I do not see the point in them, and have no wish to trade them. Thank you. :rose:


11:59:44 PM <Daghrgenzeen> but now I can return to stare at the gif
11:59:46 PM <Daghrgenzeen> I mean
11:59:47 PM <Daghrgenzeen> to write
11:59:49 PM <Daghrgenzeen> to write a story
12:00:05 AM <Pakaku> about a man in a gif
12:00:10 AM <Daghrgenzeen> Pakaku: ...noooo
12:01:05 AM <Pakaku> Daghrgenzeen: "The Guy In the GIF" a cyberpunk erotica set in the age of 1990s internet


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