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Welcome to
~ Hawkheart Stables (U.S.) ~
Specializing in the training, showing and breeding of fine and flashy equines of all shapes and sizes. We breed for quality, ability, attitude, and color!

:new: Hawkheart Stables has been featured in the Stable Spotlight in 
The HorseArt-RPG Newsletter: Volume XLIII!
Boy do I have some tidying up to do around here. xD

~ The Staff ~
Owner - Liam Hawkheart
Co-Owner/Manager/Trainer/Handler/Rider - Teagan "Tea" Hawkheart
Teagan Hawkheart - Reference by daggerstale 
Trainer/Handler/Rider - Guthrie "Rascal" Roth
Rascal Roth - Reference by daggerstale
On-Site Security/Maintenance - Seamus Foxxe
On-Call Vet - Samantha "Sam" Nolan
On-Call Farrier - Tyrone Baptiste
Dog/Cat Vet & Behavioralist - Gwndolyn Hunt
Groom/Handler/Rider - Aimee Chee
Groom/Handler/Rider - J.C. "Skipper" Jones
Groom/Handler/Rider - Ayame Hayashi

Stallion Groom/Handler/Rider - Mason Slade
Groom / Calavera Trainer/Handler - Mora Lucia
Other/Fantasy Breed Trainer/Handler - Gerald "Gerry" DeGuide
Other/Fantasy Breed Handler - Rose Callahan
Groom/Handler/Rider - Stacey Truesdale (new hire)
Groom/Handler/Rider - Noah Paige (new hire)
Groom/Handler/Rider - Tamsyn Holme (new hire)

~ The Stallions ~
HHs Artemis – American Warmblood Stallion
HHs Artemis by daggerstale 
HHs Rising Phoenix - Thoroughbred Stallion
HHs Rising Phoenix - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Remember The Fallen - Belgian Warmblood Stallion
HHs Remember The Fallen - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Jakal - American Fulger Stallion
HHs Jakal 156 - SOLD by daggerstale
HHs Savage Garden - American Fulger Stallion
HHs Savage Garden 232 by daggerstale
HHs Cascade Carnival - Wittenberger Stallion
HHs Cascade Carnival 532 by daggerstale
HHs Kingslayer - Carpendaler Stallion
HHs Kingslayer 010 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Ultimate Dynamo - Tanned Galloper Stallion
HHs Ultimate Dynamo 004 - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Dauntless Dominicus - Helsinki Warmblood Stallion
HHs Dauntless Dominicus 152 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Valiant Valentti - Helsinki Warmblood Stallion
HHs Valiant Valentti 003 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Velvet Aftershock - Norwegian Cob Stallion
HHs Velvet Aftershock 024 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Tiberius - Baroquelin Stallion
HHs Tiberius T01 by daggerstale
HHs Speeding In El Paso - Milagro Pony Stallion
HHs Speeding In El Paso 011 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Selyas - Welsh Cob Stallion
HHs Selyas - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Sweet E Motion - Vinstra Warmblood Stallion
HHs Sweet E Motion 057 by daggerstale
HHs Don't Fear The Reaper - Chameleonequine Stallion
HHs Don't Fear The Reaper 034 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Peppercorn Pirate - S.A.S.H. Stallion
HHs Peppercorn Pirate - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Knight Of Sidonia - Farenzi Sport Horse Stallion
HHs Knight Of Sidonia 148 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Another Gamble - Pure Hunsker Stallion
HHs Another Gamble 003 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Northwind Ruffian - Draco Equitum Stallion
HHs Northwind Ruffian 028 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Hang Ten Hawaiian Mighty - Mushcock Stallion
HHs Hang Ten Hawaiian Mighty 223 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Aribaz - Warmblood Stallion
HHs Aribaz - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Stellular Baron - Baie Fino Stallion
HHs Stellular Baron - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Gandy Dancer - Dart Berab Stallion
HHs Gandy Dancer 0064 - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Andrei Vasile - Vampire Steed Stallion
HHs Andrei Vasile R-011 - SOLD by daggerstale
HHs Abraxas Ophian - Hérmequine Stallion
HHs Abraxas Ophian H016 - SOLD by daggerstale
HHs Samurai - Drathemoore Pony Stallion
HHs Samurai 015 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Bellisimo - Appaloosa Sport Horse Stallion
HHs Bellisimo - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Legends Never Die - Shire Stallion
HHs Legends Never Die - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Ragnarok - Sogandor Stallion
HHs Ragnarok 004 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Al-Ashab Askari - 
Spanish / Egyptian Arabian
HHs Al-Ashab Askari - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Andrei Vasile - Vampire Steed Runner Stallion
HHs Andrei Vasile R-011 - SOLD by daggerstale
HHs Branigan - Fionn Bharr Stallion
HHs Branigan 182 - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Sentinel of Shangri-La - Fionn Bharr Stallion
HHs Sentinel of Shangri-La 227 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Little Lion Man - Dream Breather Pony Stallion
153 HHs Little Lion Man by daggerstale
HHs Digby - Dune Mustang Stallion
HHs Digby 025 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Mistletoe Kisses - Sundae Pony Stallion
HHs Mistletoe Kisses - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Peppermint Twist - Peafowl Friesian Stallion
HHs Peppermint Twist - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Freshwater Rajah - Guppy Friesian Stallion
HHs Freshwater Rajah by daggerstale
HHs Commando Tuesdays - Bayaro Stallion
HHs Commando Tuesdays 026 - FOR SALE by daggerstale

~ The Mares ~
HHs Summer Lovin' – Thoroughbred Mare
HHs Summer Lovin' - Reference by daggerstale 
HHs Weltfern - Moritzburger Sporthorse Mare
HHs Weltfern 53 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Midnight Zephyr - European Curly Draught Mare
HHs Midnight Zephyr 009 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Mo Ghile Mear - Celtic Cob Mare
HHs Mo Ghile Mear 001 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Halcyon Phenomenon - American Fulger Mare
HHs Halcyon Phenomenon 180 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Native Orchid - American Fulger Mare
HHs Native Orchid 233 - SOLD by daggerstale
HHs Rains of Castamere - Carpendaler Mare
HHs Rains of Castemere 021 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Genuine Ginger - Carpendaler Mare
HHs Genuine Ginger 064 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Saturnalia Circus - Nivian Mare
HHs Saturnalia Circus 001 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Gallant Gevalia - Helsinki Warmblood Mare
HHs Gallant Gevalia 131 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Striking Sylvi - Helsinki Warmblood Mare
HHs Striking Sylvi 209 - Reference by daggerstale

HHs Saga - Icelandic Horse Mare
HHs Saga - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Fable - Pure Daleord Mare
HHs Fable A11 - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Suckerpunch - Thoroughbred Mare
HHs Suckerpunch - FOR SALE by daggerstale
WFHS Chimera - Thoroughbred Mare
WFHS Chimera - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Sweet Lottie Dah - Baliro Mare
HHs Sweet Lottie Dah 0313 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Escape To Nirvana - Bayaro Mare
HHs Escape To Nirvana 013 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Kachina Doll Maiden - Floresto Mare
HHs Kachina Doll Maiden 27 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Snowfire Jupier - Signatum Sport Horse Mare
HHs Snowfire Juniper 046 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Diemwnt Du - Ceffylhydd Mare
HHs Diemwnt Du 08 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Canan Ebon - Zlesdin Mare
HHs Canan Ebon ZM0011 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Canan Bakir - Zlesdin Mare
HHs Canan Bakir ZM0031 - Temp Ref by daggerstale
HHs Sabriel - Katala Ratsu Mare
009 HHs Sabriel by daggerstale
HHs Angelic Aegis - Katala Ratsu Mare
073 HHs Angelic Aegis by daggerstale
HHs A Stór Mo Chroí - Irish Grand Mare
HHs A Stor Mo Chroi 010 - Reference by daggerstale
A Ghrá Mo Chroí - Irish Grand Mare
HHs A Ghra Mo Chroi 013 - Reference by daggerstale

HHs Serenity - Padro Mare
1580 HHs Serenity by daggerstale
HHs Malaguena De La Lluvia - Calavera Mare
HHs Malaguena De La Lluvia 015 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Minotaura - Corinthian Charger Mare
HHs Minotaura - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Surfs Up Bahama Mama - Mushcock Mare
HHs Surfs Up Bahama Mama 220 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs After Eight - Jejonna Sport Horse Mare
HHs After Eight 031 - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Zosime Psykhe - Hérmequine Mare
HHs Zosime Psykhe H045 - SOLD by daggerstale
HHs Katana - Drathemoore Pony Mare
HHs Katana 008 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Shadya Zahra - Horus Horse Mare
HHs Shadya Zahra 0014 by daggerstale
HHs HHs Arcadia - Bailador Mare
HHs Arcadia 531 by daggerstale
HHs Lokasenna - Artaxes Horse Mare
HHs Lokasenna 037 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Aislin - Fionn Bharr Mare
HHs Aislin 160 - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Dakota - Dune Mustang Mare
HHs Dakota 026 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Kaleidoscope Fantasia - Yoovoul Mare
HHs Kaleidoscope Fantasia 033 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Candyland Dreams - Alsatian Pony Warmblood Mare
HHs Candyland Dreams 002 - Reference by daggerstale
RD's Miss Fanny - Gypsy Vanner Mare
RD's Miss Fanny by daggerstale
HHs Imogen Winter - Daevas Mare
HHs Imogen Winter 016 by daggerstale

~ The Geldings ~
HHs Little Red Corvette – P.O.A. Gelding
HHs Little Red Corvette - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Silver Foxglove - Dream Breather Gelding
006-F HHs Silver Foxglove by daggerstale
HHs My Only Valentine - Gaited Mule Gelding
HHs My Only Valentine - Reference by daggerstale

~ The Foals ~
HHs Exxhilarating – Anglo-Arab Colt
HHs Exxhilarating - Reference by daggerstale 
HHs Rocky Road - Chimeric Warmblood Colt
HHs Rocky Road ID006 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Firebird - Thoroughbred Filly
HHs Firebird - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Stellar Bombshell - Australian Cattle Horse Filly
HHs Stellar Bombshell 028 by daggerstale
HHs Strip Tease - Mustang Colt
HHs Strip Tease - FOR SALE by daggerstale
HHs Starlight Express - Dream Breather Draft Filly
124-F HHs Starlight Express - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Soul Sister - Carpendaler Filly
HHs Soul Sister 062 - Reference by daggerstale
HHs Fenrir - Sogandor Colt
HHs Fenrir 014 - Reference by daggerstale

~ The Valkies ~
Royal Valkyrian Pegasi
Arngeirr - Royal Valkyrian Pegasus Stallion
Ari Ecklund - RVP Handler
Arngeirr and Ari - Reference by daggerstale
Skjalddis - Royal Valkyrian Pegasus Mare
Kari Ecklund - RVP Handler
Skjalddis and Kari - Reference by daggerstale

~ Inactive / Retired ~
Bonnie & Clyde – Rescued Ozark Mustang Mare and Stallion (on pasture rest)
Bonnie and Clyde - Reference by daggerstale
Jester & Bogey – Rescued Grade Ponies (retired)
Jester and Bogey - Reference by daggerstale

~ Other Residents ~
The High and Noble Lord Ambrosius of Diminutive Grandeur - Teacup Unicorn Stallion
The High and Noble Lord Ambrosius - Reference by daggerstale
The High and Noble Lady Amalthea of Diminutive Grandeur - Teacup Unicorn Mare
The High and Noble Lady Amalthea - Reference by daggerstale
Gypsy - Irish Setter Bitch
Maxx - Silky Terrier Dog
Chloe - Cardigan Welsh Corgi Bitch
Leroy - Bluetick Coonhound Dog
Adonis - Russian Blue Tom
Adonis - Reference by daggerstale
Calypso - Calico Queen
Calypso - Reference by daggerstale
Rumble - American Bobtail Tom
Rumble - Reference by daggerstale
Fang - Snowshow Queen
Fang - Reference by daggerstale

~ Stable/Tack Colors ~
Green, Brown, Black and White
(Horses may be shown in their individual color(s) when not competing/exhibiting as a group)
Hawkheart Stables Competition Colors by daggerstale 

~ About the Facilities ~
The U.S. Facilities of Hawkheart Stables were founded in 2014. We're located on Hwy 180, 5 miles North of Flagstaff, Arizona.
Our starter horses (HHs Artemis and HHs Summer Lovin') came to us from Hawkheart Stables in Ireland, also owned by Liam Hawkheart (Teagan's father).

Our upgraded facilities now include:
Bullet; Green Two spacious barns (one for mares and one for stallions), each with with twenty-four 15'x15' stalls with 15'x30' outdoor runs,
4 grooming/wash stalls, 2 tack rooms, hay/shavings storage, a feed room/kitchen, a lounge, a restroom, a laundry room, and a loft apartment
Bullet; Green A draft barn with eight 
15'x30' stalls with 30'x30' outdoor runs and an adjacent tack and feed room
Bullet; Green A foaling barn with eight 15'x30' stalls with 30'x30' outdoor runs and an adjacent tack and feed room
Bullet; Green Two large Indoor Arenas
Bullet; Green Two large Outdoor Arenas
Bullet; Green Two small Outdoor Arenas specifically for use by mares with foals
Bullet; Green Covered and Uncovered round pens
Bullet; Green Two Uncovered Hot-walkers
Bullet; Green 5 large residential pastures w/ barn sheds
Bullet; Green 20 turn-out pastures w/ shades
Bullet; Green An on-site
 Veterinary Office and mini Medical Center with a quarantine area for new arrivals (and sick or injured horses), located just behind the main house
Bullet; Green A tractor garage / toolshed / workshop
Bullet; Green An Endurance Trail, a Sprinting Track and a Cross Country Course
Bullet; Green Acres of trails and rideable land surrounding the property
New Hawkheart Stables Fairgrounds 
Bullet; Green A guest barn with twenty-four 12'x15' stalls with 18'x15' outdoor runs

Bullet; Green Two Warm-up Arenas
Bullet; Green An Outdoor Arena with a Covered Grandstand
Bullet; Green An Indoor Arena (w/ seating on North side)
Bullet; Green Free Parking and Open Camping for all exhibitors

For more detail regarding our layout and facilities, click the map!
HHS-HHEC Layout (labeled) by daggerstale

~ More About Our Location ~
   Flagstaff is a city located in northern Arizona, along the western side of the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the continental United States. It's also located adjacent to the San Francisco Peaks, the highest mountain range in the state of Arizona, and is surrounded by volcanoes, in the heart of the Coconino national forest.

Flagstaff has a rather dry continental climate with four distinct seasons. The combination of high elevation and low humidity provide mild weather conditions throughout most of the year, and the predominantly clear air radiates daytime heating effectively. Overnight temperatures year round are usually much lower than the daytime temperature due to the high elevation. Winters are very cold with lots of snow.

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