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WFF Cakewalk - Movie Cosplay Class - 1st!



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WFF Cakewalk 2014 First Place - Movie Cosplay by DannyCam
WFF Cakewalk 2014 First Place by DannyCamWFF Cakewalk 2014 Participant by DannyCam

Show: WhiteFoxFarm's Double-Birthday Cakewalk 2014
Class: Movie Cosplay
Horse: HHs Canan Ebon
Rider: Ayame Hayashi (age 23)
Stable: Hawkheart Stables - Arizona, U.S.A.
Also Appearing: Fang
WFF Characters:  Jack and DianeZeroLiner, Devil Z

WFF Double Birthday Cakewalk 2014 VIP Button by DannyCam


Ayame and Jet got all dressed up as Mulan and Khan for the Movie Cosplay Class at White Fox Farm (and Jet's owner, Teagan, thought it would be fun to dress Fang as Mushu too)! What a trio!

Jet's performing the awesome skeggas, a four-beat lateral ambling gait natural to the Zlesdin breed. Normally it's a perfectly smooth ride, but there's a lot more than usual going on around Jet so she's a teensy bit stiff. Nonetheless, Fang seems relatively comfortable riding on Jet's rump.

The tack is, of course, inspired by the tack Khan wears in Disney's animated Mulan, but it's also a combination of traditional and modern Zlesdin tack (with a bit of inspiration from historical Chinese tack as well). Ayame's armor is pretty much a spot-on recreation of the animated set. ;)

Devil Z's holding a homemade ornament, made with a big ol' draft horse shoe and pretty streaming rainbow ribbons (because rainbows!). She's also rockin' a red, origami birthday hat. :D

Jack sits calmly at the edge of the arena, looking dapper in his fancy top hat and keeping a watchful eye on all of the goings on. Diane, having forgotten all about her pretty pastel birthday hat, can't seem to decide between the awesome balloons tied to the fence above her and the smiley ball between her feet. She wonders if perhaps she might just have them all!

ZeroLiner frolics in the pasture beyond, perhaps in birthday celebration! Or maybe just to escape a pesky insect. ^^

Fang and Jet are gonna be barn buddies after this. :D


I'm so proud of this. I lost count around 60 but I'm pretty sure there are well over 90 layers to this. I just couldn't bear to merge anything as I worked, wanting the ability to go back and tweak things here and there (which I did countless times, weeeeeee). I honestly couldn't tell you how long I've worked on this, but it's been through many revisions over the past few days.

A HUGE thank you to WhiteFoxFarm for inspiring me to put so much into one image. This is definitely an achievement for me. Heart 

I feel like there's something else that I wanted to say, but my brain appears to be friend at the moment. *sizzle*


I used a lot more references than usual, but then I suppose I also included a lot more critters in this one image than I think I ever have before. xD

Jack: [link]
Diane: [link]
Devil Z: [link]
Fang: [link]
Jet (loose pose reference): [link]
Ayame (loose pose reference): [link]
Tack: Zlesdin Halter Tack / Zlesden Breedsheet
Bugs: Various Pictures of butterflies and dragonflies (was trying for Oriental species)
ZeroLiner: Various pictures of American Bucking Bulls
And of course I looked at tons of screenshots and cliparts and other portrayals of Mulan, Khan and Mushu


:iconhawkheart-ec: :iconzlesdin:
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omg i love this!!! wow so much detail and time went into this and it really shows & pays off! beautiful birthday image and gorgeous work. thank you for using my stock!