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HHs Canan Ebon ZM0011 - Reference



Registered Name:  HHs Canan Ebon (loosely "beloved black")
ID:  ZM0011
Barn Name:  Jet

Breed:  Pure Zlesdin
Gender:  Mare
Height:  16.1hh (165cm)
Age:  3

Color:  Black rabicano (w/ skunk tail)
Eye Color:  Dark Brown
Genotype:  Ee / aa / nRb

Discipline:  Endurance
Gaited:  skeggas (amble)
Personality:  This majestic girl is spirited, vocal and stubborn as a donkey. She's also smart, intuitive and usually right. She's always looking ahead, always eager to get going, and somehow she always knows exactly what's expected of her. She moves regally, picking her feet well up and carrying her head and tail high. And she talks. Boy does she talk. To any creature she sees.
Notes:  Particularly fond of Ayame, respects Teagan, but can be pretty pushy with anyone else. Keep your cool and remain firm to earn her respect.
Tack Color:  Black / Green / Gold

Owned By:  Teagan Hawkheart / Hawkheart Stables
Trainer:  Teagan Hawkheart
Handler/Rider:  Ayame Hayashi

Sire:  unknown (starter)
Dam:  unknown (starter)
Offspring:  n/a

Breeding: CLOSED


Import Image (by Zoubstance)

Zdarloch Stables Opening Show - Jet and Ayame by daggerstale Zdarloch Stables Opening Show - Jet and Ayame

Itty Bitty Pixel Icon - Jet by daggerstale Itty Bitty Pixel Icon - Jet

WFF Cakewalk - Movie Cosplay Class - 1st! by daggerstale WFF Cakewalk - Movie Cosplay Class


*SQUEE* I finally have my very own wonderful Zlesdin! Heart 


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I can't believe I've never seen her before - she's so pretty :la: