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HHs Canan Bakir ZM0031 - Temp Ref



Will be updated to include full body shortly... I just couldn't get the legs to look right.


Registered Name:  HHs Canan Bakir (loosely "beloved copper")
ID:  ZM0031
Barn Name:  Henna

Breed:  Pure Zlesdin
Gender:  Mare
Height:  16.2hh (168cm)
Age:  3

Color:  Copper Chestnut (w/ chubari spots)
Eye Color:  Light Brown/Blue & Light Brown
Genotype:  ee/Aa/Ff

Discipline:  Hunter / Jumper / Cross Country
Gaited:  skeggas (amble)
Personality:  This spry gal is as nimble as she is quick. She's generally laid back and easy going for her usual handlers, but she's a real nightmare for anyone else. She seems to enjoy a good physical workout, but tends to lose focus quickly when asked to think too much. That having said, she's smart, and she learns well as long as you can keep her attention (oddly enough, dried banana chips are possibly the best thing to keep her thinking). She somehow always maintains an air of grace and relaxation about her, even when working hard. When "in the mode" she makes everything look easy. And boy, can she jump!
Notes:  Particularly fond of Teagan, accepts Ayame. Generally scary towards anyone else.
Tack Color:  Brown / Cerulean / Gold

Owned By:  Teagan Hawkheart / Hawkheart Stables
Trainer:  Teagan Hawkheart
Handler/Rider:  Teagan Hawkheart

Sire:  unknown (starter)
Dam:  unknown (starter)
Offspring:  n/a

Breeding: CLOSED


Import Image (by Zoubstance)


*SQUEE* My second lovely Zlesdin! Heart 


Ref: [link]
Background: mine
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Zoubstance's avatar
Aww, she looks so adorable here; I cannot handle such cuteness! ;U; 
Love how the two-coloured eye looks, btw; it really makes her stand out. That was a great idea to add! :la:  
Awesome work <3