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Let it, Snow.

By DaggerPoint
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Image is © 2005 Jeremy Farlow.
Inspiration provided by Amber Snow Wright.

Best Appreciated in FULL VIEW.

I wanted to capture my lovely model as much as I can. As I've said countless times, I'm no portrait artist, and seeing this image from fresh eyes, I don't think I came close to giving justice to *kedralynn. But I love what I've done for the short time I had to do it.

So Happy Holidays, everyone. Happy holiday Amber, thanks for the constant inspiration.

Wallpapers for your desktop is available at my website.

Snow Brushes by [link]

:holly: :heart:
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© 2005 - 2021 DaggerPoint
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i looove it!!
SwissSiphon's avatar
I Like Snow, I like Girls, I like Christmas, I like your Picture. your a good drawer
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DANG she is fine. How do u draw so GOOD!!!?? I wish someone would make a tut on draw women like u
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I'll make it snow (If ya knw what i mean)LOl
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i know its only may..... but this picture sure puts me in the x mas spirit:wink:
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You've done a great job on her face. It does look like her and like a pose she'd do. Especially with the finger on the lip. Good job. She's a wonderful person and you portrayed that effectively.
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Thank you, I appreciate the comment.
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No no... I definatly think you have brought justice to her :P You've captured her pretty well I think because when I first saw her i though "hey, she looks familiar!"

It's strange... It gives off a strong sence of sexyness, but innocence at the same time :) Nicely done
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Oh wow, thanks for the awesome pic. I especially like how you did her skirt and the background.
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Thanks. I invite you to join my forum.
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Very beautiful. And Happy Holidays, even though it's a little late!
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I knew this would turn out great. I love the pose you've got going on. She's got such a fetching look on her face too. I really like the fur effect you've got going on. Overall a wonderful piece of work.
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Very nice ! I love her tummy =) And the expression is so subtle and almost innocent. I think that works well for the christmas theme. Alot of people tend to do sexy things when drawing females but this is more on the "cute" side. Which is definately a good thing. I love the lighting on this, and your inking is as smoothe as usual =)
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Well, you can thank Amber for the expression, I used the photo she gave me for the bse for this image. And as for the sexy thing, I wanted to make it sexy without it being too over the top.
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Oh you did her good. Lovely image.
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Love the outfit and the pose.... just a perfect Christmas outfit!
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what a gift for the holidays..
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Wow definitely a happy holiday :D
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Sexy Christmas pinup. Awesomeness. :smooch:

Jeremy, you know I love this. It's so refreshing to come back online for a moment and see new contributions from my favorite people.

Merry Christmas darling. :kiss:
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