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I am Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is © 1941 - 2007 DC Comics™. Created by William Moulton Marston and Elizabeth Holloway Marston.
All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved. No part of this image may be used without the expressed, written consent from me.

H Pencil on A4 Copy Paper. Inked digitally using Corel Painter X. Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Again, trying out a more painted look in the colors rather than my usual comicbook-style coloring.

Original Inks: [link]
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Could you put up a black and white version? It would be much obliged if you did. . . thnx
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Internal organs go where? D:
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This is great!
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Are you inspired by Chris Bachalo?
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Not really, more of a Jim Lee / Art Adams / Adam Hughes / John Byrne / Frank Miller kind of artist, why?
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Just thought this looked like Chris Bachalo's stuff.
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Very fine work, True Art!
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I most especially love her hair! ^.^
very good!
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Amazing artwork! I would love to see you put your talent toward one o' my ladies Airheart [link] , Swordplay [link] ,or Radiance [link]
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hot ww pic! ^^ yer really good!
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Beautiful rendition of Wonder Woman!
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Very Nice Work
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My favorite superheroine.
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Makes me want to see what you could do with catwoman!
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This is really good work!
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this is amazing! great work.
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Veeeery NiicE !:D
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