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Battle for Nuvidar: Round 9 Conclusion!


Battle for Nuvidar: Round 9 Conclusion!

Flames to her flank and the foe ahead, Catz' force shakes off the initial phantom horse impact and closes ranks. With Grilka's force charging in behind, the fight goes from field combat to extensive skirmish to all out brawl in minutes. Grilka's raiders outnumber the Zordian forces, but they are not wearing any decent armor and their weapons are inferior to the shields, breastplates, closed helms and spears of their foes. Still, it begins as a close match, and with Grilka prowling the field conjuring up reinforcements as she flips and rolls through the chaos, for a moment it looks like the Zordians may be in trouble. Then Catz Crayz stops playing the part of a commander and gets into the thick of it. Her spear leaves raiders screaming in agony as a slight cut turns into a burning, most often slowly fatal wound! With no armor to speak of, the raiders fall to her in numbers, in ones, threes, and fives, her great reach allowing her to simply sweep her spear about and reap a toll in
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Ninja Llama: Llamas are awesome! (616)
Hey! Go poke Saunterwing, he's a year older today!
So, yonder on TheTrevor's page he's almost done the second wave of battles in his game! People are getting knocked out of the running, it's looking pretty exciting so far!
I am feeling SO goddamn punky today. Ugh. Motivation = 0, sorry folks. Nausea doesn't help.

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I guess I'm with Yurix in wondering what brought you in to my account, but thanks for the llama all the same :)

Hee! Just happened upon it while randomly searching up pics. In your case, your favorites having a bunch of Just Monika pics! You're welcome. You do have an interesting gallery hee!

Heh. Yes, I recently shifted focus since I'd been posting DDLC sprite comics on reddit :)

Nice! I hope they're going well for you!

YurixTheWandererHobbyist Artist

Thanks for the llama. Out of curiosity, is there something specific in my works that you liked for you to send me that llama?

Nothing particular, I just had some fun wandering through your works for a while and enjoyed them in general.

KLP2020Professional Digital Artist