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Alice Disney Anime style

Character  Alice (Disney)
Here comes another Disney girl, the cute Alice! She' s my little sis' favorite , and since it's almost her birthday and she has requested a drawing of Sora and Alice, I thought I 'd better practice before doing it ! XD

Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite Disney movies when I was a child ! I remember every single moment , although some parts kinda scared me back then, like the tragic story of the oysters . 😅 I've rewatched it not too long ago, looool, you definitely don't see things the same way when you grow up, I was like "what did Alice smoke before sleeping ?" 😂

Anyway , hope you like how I did her, and you recognize the scene ! ☺

Here is my Disney folder if you want to see more Disney girls with that style:…
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Very cute and beautiful work on Alice like to see Wendy next

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Thank you ! Glad you like it! Wendy may come someday ! ^^

Nice job. Can you draw a picture of her with her sister please?

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"Curiouser and curiouser..."

I'm quite surprised to see you've finally decided to work on doing Alice up next for which this looks so awesome on how you've captured Alice by your "signature style" as well can never forget this sequence where she tries to figure out how to get through that small door. :D Great job as always, Dagga! 👍

I've always loved seeing this adaptation of Carroll's classic surreal fantasy tale countless times since childhood, such amazing animation and catchy musical numbers (did you know this classic Disney film had more musical numbers than any other titles they've made in their history?). I've also adore another film (so much) similar to the story of Alice In Wonderland, in which it is titled Valerie And Her Week of Wonders yet it's more like horror-fantasy for grown-ups (made in Czechoslovakia) but still is darkly gorgeous to watch (makes me feel like I'm part of "the dream" whenever I watch it). :)

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Thank you so much, really glad you like it ! I know that Alice in Wonderland is among your favourite Disney movies ^^

Yeah, this classic tale seems to have inspired many authors, especially in Japan, I can't count how many anime have an "Alice " ! :D

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Hey, you are so welcome as always & I highly agree how the classic tale influenced many writers/artists around the world indeed, Dagga (it's such an amusing story of the genre to get into). :nod: Thanks for pointing out that Disney's take on the tale being my third favorite, though. :D

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What's she drinkin' there? Did it have anything to do with that white rabbit she saw?😆

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Haha, no , this is the potion that makes her body shrink 😆

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Alice look beautiful in your style!

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Thank you, glad you like it ! ;)

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I'm glad your sister liked it too! I bet she had a good birthday!

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Yes, she had a good one, thanks! :) Her Sora/Alice request will come later ^^'

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Ahhh she'll like that. That be interesting to see too.

Un super dessin que tu nous as fait.

C est vrai que je ne connais pas trop le film mais je me rappelle que je l ai vu quelque fois dont je m en rappelle les moments dans la maison du lapin (pauvre Bill), avec le bouton de porte (l extrait que se base ton dessin) et les moments avec la Reine de Cœur qui sont très sympathiques (QU'ON LEUR COUPE LA TÊTE !!!)

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Merci beaucoup, ravie que ça te plaise ! Oui, ya pleins de moments marquant , et effectivement on se souvient tous de COUPEZ LUI LA TÊTE ! 😆😆

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Beautifully done :heart:

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Thank you, glad you like it !

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You are most welcome moonflower

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