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Is Dafunboxman dead? Did he give up of his work? Is he just a lazy bum? 

The answer to all of these questions are a simple.... ye- NO! haha! 
I just want to clarify that i'm still here working hard!
If thats so, where's the fan art? where's the comic? where is anything?!
Well sadly enough, i haven't done much drawings.. (Deviant art related)
I am almost finished on that cartoon that i said i got started on. Remember? Starbomb music video?  The Mega man one? No? Okay..
Untitled by DaFunB0XMaN

Here's a small screenshot.. 
Thanks for reading :DHeart [MMD emoticon] Miku on a chair 
I'm almost done doing the story board for this chapter, but I can't for the life of me remember which OCs I was using for this chapter. Remember, it's a zombie game chapter.
So if you think your OC TRULY belongs in this chapter, Link me a pic and/or quick description. 

I know one guys OCs did make a perfect fit for the chapter. But totally forgot the name of the guy who pitch in his characters. Sorry
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So i've been wanting to ask this for a while. What do you think about anime? Love it, hate it? don't care? Is there a show that got you into anime when you were young?

If you like it, what type of anime are you into? 
-Mecha? -Comedy? -Fantasy? -Ecchi? -Romance? 

Also, what shows do you consider in your top 5? (wana hear some recommendations) 

I ask this because i want to make a cartoon making fun a certain topic that i've been discussing lately with friends. :) Furthermore, a friend and I want to start a channel on youtube talking about anime, review shows, games, give our opinions on trending shows etc.
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Wowza! I can't believe its been a year since i joined Deviantart! To be honest, i really didn't expect anything of me and this site. As the time went by i made many pics, request, videos and even a bunch of new friends! You Guys are great and I love you all!! 

I was thinking, for an anniversary gift to yall and myself; Should i recreate an old pic to see if i'm better at drawing it? Or.. what? I honestly have no clue

Let me know if you have any ideas :D
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So i've been wanted to make another cartoon for the longest time but my inferior flash skills were driving me nuts! so instead i switched back to another software im more comfortable in.

heres a small hint on the video idea!
Untitled by DaFunB0XMaN

if anyone knows what the idea is... I'll Draw any request by the first person to get it right!

i cant wait to get started!!
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So I've been doing plans for making cartoons lately, which is why my manga isn't coming out as quickly anymore.. any who, most of my ideas are either half hearted, are on unpopular subjects, or I don't have the voice for the toons. Also my music video ideas aren't working out due to them YouTube policies...

So I was wondering, anyone have any ideas on Hot Topics lately?

Sonic boom
Smash bros
popular anime

Anything really, please guys I'm stumped -_-' anything funny, i know there's gotta be something that everyone would enjoy. 

So i've been sick lately and havent had the energy to draw much.. but whenever i get home from work/errands i keep finding myself playing all stars on my vita. even though the hype for the game is gone, many people still play this game competitively and it is awesome!! 
on a side note, i was wondering if anyone wanted to friend me on psn? Giggle 
i have a few of you already, if you want to add me my PSN ID is DafunB0x (i had lost my original account a while back)

side note:
ive been wanting to draw (+17) drawings lately, i dont know why. nothing naughty or pornographic, i know a few of you dont like fan service hehe. just been watching too much anime lately... also alot of cute pics, which i may do for all stars :D

also getting a new vita from japan!! whoo!! lol
thanks for reading guys! more manga and fan pics coming as soon as i can breath normally again! I am a dummy! 
Hey guys, just wanted to update on my status on drawings. All i have to say is... i am blank! haha can't really get focused on drawing anything lately which sucks btw!! I am however working on a secret project that may take a while to produce, and may not even be all that great.. yet im excited!! i wont spoil anything just yet ;)

on another note. what are some things you would like to see me draw in the future? besides all stars pics :D would yall like smash fan pics? anime related topics? anything Video game related lol, i was thinking of making quick bio pics of my OC's and a little back story to them.. but that's just my idea. ^.^
First 10 to comment I'll feature one of your characters and say why I like them (You don't need to post them, I'll go to your gallery)

If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (or original journalist) in the first slot. The idea of this is NOT to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

 Captain Pete would be my fave, He's got so much fighting potential and i'm curious to see his backstory! Also love his design! :iconvangrockiancreatures:
Candy of course! She's an adorable and cute OC with a lot of energy! :D  
Phil, obviously for his simplicity and carefree attitude! His cartoony style makes him a lovable OC :) 
Relith, she's cute, calm, and has a great design! she reminds me alot of Kat from gravity rush, only much cooler! :icondeceitful96:…
Tron green, to put simple he's an awesome car!! and environmental friendly. lol 
Pyro! why?! because he's Pyro!!! lol He looks like a guy you dont want to mess with, smart fighter, tactical and overall epic! really love his looks and his Molotov's, he seems edgy. Wink/Razz 
Alpha looks like a bad ass that can't be put down! i get a mix between Deadpool & Spawn, not sure why but his design is to my liking :D 'Simple but Deadly"


Even though my art isn't well know out there i still managed to have 30 Watchers! Love your guys feedback on the many things i draw. :) To show my gratitude, i would like to ask you what you would like me to draw for valentines day! ^-^

It could be anything, from all stars, persona, smash bros, my manga etc.
but im only picking two ideas. :( so if you see an idea that you would like to see as well, reply APPROVED under it :) makes it easier on me!

Also!! Im also getting the hang of using Flash, so i may start animating soon! if you have any small ideas (1:00MIN or shorter), it would also be nice to know any ideas you have. :) (only idea i have is Game Grumps animated)
So as all of you know, I'm working on my manga right now. I was going through my notes on the story and realized something.
This chapter consist of my characters fighting others in an arcade mode style fighting game.

The only issues is I need more characters to design UNLESS I use other peoples OC If you have an OC and would like to see him or her in my manga please let me know.

I just need to know
 his/her attitude
Design (show a pic of them) 

I would love the help and would give credit once the first volume is done :)
Just wanted to let you guys know that the 2nd video wont be out any time soon Waaaah!
I am currently learning how to use adobe flash at the moment to make my videos in. (was using low budget software) I will keep making pics and my manga for the time being! :D 

Also All stars anniversary is coming up and i also wanted to make a pic but i am a slow artist lol
if anyone wants to something together i would welcome the idea! Nod 
If anyone has any small request, i dont mind doing them in my spare time!

PS4 IS ALMOST HERE! WOOHOO!:happybounce: 
Hey guys just wanted to say that I have been pretty busy with personal events  lately. But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing nothing this whole time.

As of now I'm working on the first chapter of my manga, it should be finished within a week or two.
The all stars flash however hasn't been worked on in a while. So I won't really know when that will be done. :{

But once I'm done with the manga, expect more PSA pics and other crossover goodness :D also if you have any request, ask em here and I might take them to consideration :)

Thank you for your patience

Around last week i posted a short fan flash of some of the all-star cast. so far everyones feedback has been great! Which now gave me more of a reason to do more. BUT theres an issue... im only one guy, and i dont have a huge variaty of music that will fit most of the cast.

If you haven't seen the 1st video; heres the link so you can get an idea:…

This is where you can help, i have a list of the characters here: 

the ones with:

DONE; i already have a song for or its taken care of.

NOT SURE; i have a few ideas but would still take suggestions.

NOTHING; no clue yet XD


Kratos: DONE

Parappa: DONE

Fat Princess: DONE

Sweet Tooth: NOT SURE





Evil Cole: DONE





Big Daddy: DONE

Dante: DONE

Heihachi: NOTHING


Raiden: DONE

Sackboy: NOTHING

Sir Daniel: NOT SURE

Spike: DONE



I'll give credit where credit is due. I would really like to see what kind of music people have for these guys!

i know i haven't posted any drawings lately, but it was for good reason. 
i've been working on a flash video for the past 4 weeks. its up on youtube right now!

heres the link:

i know it's not much, but then again one animator cant do much on his own. but if you did like it please let me know. :) and if you have any ideas for the next one; it will be much appreciated and i will give credit where credit is due.

Thanks for reading and watching
Hey guys, i've been trying to find a good song for my next AMV; but i cant seem to have a good idea for songs that i do have in mind.
That being said, i found a few funny songs that i could use in a flash video like this one here:

I wana make something like that but my library of songs aren't as good. Have any ideas? I'll give you credit ^_^
So I was on YouTube looking at videos from people I subscribe too when I saw IGN posted a music video with Sony characters. The song wasn't to my taste but I thought the video was great! It motivated me to make another music video for all stars. But I want to use a catchy song that won't be affected by copyright infringement. Anyone have any song Ideas? 

Here's the link to my old video.  I thought it was good for a beginner