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The thought-fox, digital painting by Kittylyn-Donut
Fire: Into the Inferno by Mykoto
Echoing Fire and Ice by Mykoto
Misty 12-29-12 by Zivera
Between shadows - By galitb by dafoxlove
Four Elements - By Galitb by dafoxlove
Fox in the snow - By Foxiia by dafoxlove
Inspector Joseph Nills Jr. by dafoxlove
The DaFoxlove mascot
My Miracles Are Red And Black by Snow-katt
And All My Miracles Are Terrible by Snow-katt

Mature Content

The Heavens Suspended by Snow-katt
A Moon Without A Tide by Snow-katt
Dingo the Wolf by StarlightsMarti
Chibi Norex by LordMroku
Ruba the fox (lineless) by ginryuumaru

Mature Content

On The Lake by Gilded-Silverfox
The Elusive Fennec by amrodel
Curious Fox by amrodel
Stretch by MonsterBrand
Intelligent Gaze by Jack-13
Teamwork by CreeperMan0508
The dreamer by YanisaXlll
Fox by YanisaXlll
La Primavera Meme by foxstory
The Word
NOYES ART by Nojjesz
Craft And HandiWork
White fox necklace by AmiNezumi
League of Legends - Kindred _ Sculpt This Again by LuisMonterieArt
Aquamarine (duct tape) by TheDucttapeBassist
Alepou Vulpes Sculpture by cochepic
Fan Art
Fox and Nick - Vampire Fox Duo by CaseyDecker
Seductive maid by MadFox001
Princess Tales And X - Birthday Cake Party by CaseyDecker
Foxxy Love anthrofied by Foxtrot-Nation
Half Foxes
Naomi Catalyst by JUSTinnator4
Scarlet - (Male Ver. - April Fools) by KimmyIvory
Ashley and Monica - Foxy Schoolgirls by CaseyDecker
I got my eye on you by MadFox001
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Kit our new Mascot by Rebcsy

Group Info

We are a group that focusses on Foxes. Anthro foxes, normal foxes fox fan art fox taurs 3D foxes. We take em all we love em all, anything fox related is welcome.
Founded 13 Years ago
Aug 26, 2005


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Art Collection

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1,119 Members
1,194 Watchers
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it's been ten days now  since i asked the community's  opinion  on mature  art
and  the majority is in favor for  mature art  

off course this doesnt mean  i will just  open  the doors for any  old  mature  art
i dont want this  group  to  be  over run with  borderline  porn  
or  gore  
or torture porn  

so instead  i will move  the  rating  from the group up from PG-13- 12+  to  R-16 +

so what  are these guidelines then  ?
what  will be allowed and what  wont be allowed  ?

what  will be allowed  :
nudity  with caveats  
the character can be nude  but  genitals  must be  covered up  or  presented ian  way  that  are not  sexual  
covering it up by  the pose of the character their tail  or  their enviroment  or  a  shirt  blanket robe or whatever  

nudity that is  NOT  allowed
chratchers  in  vaugley erotic poses
sitting with heir legs  wide
"spreading" (  if  you need to ask  dont bother  )
or tilting the camera on the floor upwards  so  you can see everything artistic merit or not this is not allowed  

violence  and gore  :
also with caveats  
blood  is allowed  
blood splatter is also allowed
do not take it took far    this is dafoxlove   not  da fox  gore  

whats not allowed :
extreme violence  : ie the snapping off and ripping off  of  limbs or other body  parts
exsanguination  ( bleeding out  )
evisceration  or any kind of  art with  exposed  innards  

the  approval is up to the discretion of the  moderators if we think you  go to far we will reject  your art  

examples of what is and isnt allowed

since  i am not going to use the art of other  people  for this purpose  you will have to make do with my  art
and i am not a fox artist    

mature warning  is in effect  click at your own risk  

allowed nudity  :…  this is allowe despite her being nude  she is  actually  covering upo the relevant parts  

NOT allowed  nudity  ( and violence )…  her pose is too suggestive and there is far too much gore  this would  not go in the group if she was a fox  

allowed nudity and violence :…
medium  amount of  blood  and  borderline  allowable  nudity   this woudl be approved  

extreme violence  NOT  allowed……
not only is she disemboweld her intestines actually want to devour  you  
this woudl be an automatic rejection and far too graphic  for the  group  

allowed  violence  :…
compared to  some other  examples this is tame  
she is dressed with only a "minor" amount of gore  

if  you have any  questions  or  corrections  or additions  to  make  to  the  guidelines feel free to ask  
if  you want me to use  your art  as  examples for what  is  or isnt allowed  in the group feel free to drop me a line  
thanks to  :iconfranz32: and  :iconthe-urocyon: for their suggestions  in regards to the  guidelines  

More Journal Entries

The Rules

The Rules.

Its high time somebody put down a set of firm rules for the group.
And since I am the admin and owner of this group, it falls to me.
This is mostly a set of rules about what the group is. What its goal is and a set of do's and dont's. More dont's then do's really.

So without any further ado:

We accept any kind of fox art . If you want to submit mature art kindly read the mature art guidelines>

This is D A ( Deviant Art not a gangstah rap crap version of The ) Foxlove.
A group solely aimed at Foxes.
Be it cartoon foxes, anthro foxes, fox taurs, realistic foxes.
In pen, ink, color, black and white line art, rough art, or photography. As long as its fox related, you are welcome here.

How ever there are caveats, which are the rules:

Fan art and fan characters : I dont like either much, however I wil allow fan art over fan characters.
I prefer to see the real thing, then a lazy recolor of lets say Tails with a new name and then claiming he is a whole new character. This is not just about Sonic fan characters, who are inherently lazy to start with, but all fan characters. The group prefers orginal work, over fan characters.
fan art and fan characters are still allowed however, just dont flood us with it.

Half foxes : We do NOT accept half foxes in any kind of media, written or art. Unless the half fox at least has a resembelance to a fox. Be that fox markings, a fox tail or fox colors. if your half fox doesnt even resemble a fox or looks more like a wolf then a fox, we will sadly reject it.

Written works : Written works are as welcome as any other, how ever keep in mind that they are not as populair as visual works.

Affiliating : we are open to ANY kind of group that wishes to affiliate it self with us, you dont neccasarly have to be animal related to affiliate with us, just be active.

Favorites : We do not accept favorites in any way.
Any kind of favorite suggestion wil be rejected.
Promoting the works of others and promoting foxes is a fine thing. How ever this group solely excists to promote the works of our members.
If you want your works promoted do join us.
do not submit your own work to the favorites, they wil be out right rejected.
If a favorite is submitted, it wil be because I selected it myself.

Submitting and then leaving:
if you submit your art and leave almost immedaitley there after, your art work wil be deleted. We are here to promote your art work yes, but you must be an active member to do that.

Those are the rules, other then that feel free to sign up if you are a fox artist or just like foxes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or the rest of the staff. If they dont know they wil either contact me or tell you to contact me.


Snow-katt admin

0NightHawk0 Mykoto super mods

MystykNess oceanghostsSucittarSucivron mods












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Foxtrot-Nation Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I saw my stuff got accepted, thanks a lot!
Foxtrot-Nation Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
hey, I submitted some artwork and I haven’t gotten any notification on whether or not it’s been accepted yet.
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MadFox001 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well thank you for welcoming me into this group, I hope you'll like my pencile artworks
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How lively is this group?
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You are invited to affiliate the new group :iconcute-ferals: 
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Hey, not sure if theres any rules on advertising, but Im a hobby artist whos been on dA quite a while and havent been getting far :') I draw warriors fanart, lion king fan art, and various other cat/animal cartoon art. So please com visit my page if youre interested.

I also take trades and requests so dont be afraid to ask Thank you for reading x
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which folder would I submit this fox-based work? :o…
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