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Big remememix by DafNyanko Big remememix by DafNyanko
lol no comment.

all the charas belong to me
the meme belongs to..idk : O
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blackPAN Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2008
LOL what the hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!?!? XD I thought this was funny; I like your characters ewe You sure do like these memes 8D
via-lactea Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2008  Student
aah esta bien padre este meme TAT yo tmbn quiero hacerlooo ~~~
DafNyanko Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2008
eeeh XDsii busca meme remix en da y creo que sale alguno con la direccion el de en blanco XD
via-lactea Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008  Student
ai bueno u_u, yo queria el link TAT
DafNyanko Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008
ya te lo conseguire : O
Da-DoOdLeS Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
ashjadasda whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?!?! ♥A♥
CAUTION: longest comment EVER.
may not make any sense..BEGIN!

1. omfgfshgfjs emma looks SO adorable ;A; || dante so hot *damn brat *A*;;* || asdas maaya *nosebleed;;* || lol aiden looks so..nice ouo;; makes me paranoid *slapped by him* || dafnyanko cute as ALWAYS || mango looks so cute (to me) ;w; can't scare me huhu +W+ || aw lorelei ;w; i feel bad for her since..she's stuck with sid;; || eros brought sexy back 8U || daju always looks so cool ): & for some reason i ♥ the way you drew his face there xD || asdg i must see more of pearl *A* but maybe no, might rape her ahahaha 8D

2. LMAO maaya wth! i bet fish is thinking that too! or giving a pedo look to baby lilly :U (aiden's coffee cup is so gay, i bet mary made it hahaha)

3. EL DIAMANTE xD!! i thought it said dynamite!!
aw daju ;w; trying "his hardest" to take care of his sis lol;;; he'd be BFFs with sid X'D (and bean)

4. AWWW U"8 you guys!! so CUTE! KOKO IS JEALOUS!
koko: come stay at my SWAMP!<-lol ew

5. ...and sid behind pearl wondering the same thing ASJHAKDS (dante is such a pimp ewe)

6. roflmao!! aw fish xD;;; if anyone, HE deserves maaya ;n; they're looks like he's trying to pull away...& cute ;W; ( cute slut face♥ )

7. HAHA;; lorelei looks too innocent! xD you mean DANTE! LOOK at that face! i'd be scared of that if i saw it in my backyard;; & pearl with her bunnicula eyes! ([link] )

8. awwwSOME xD pulguita at home writing down the recipe LOLOL next time i make cookies, i'm gonna make dante cookies LMAO

9. sahdajsd fish is hawt in a tux *A*;; poor aiden lol he's like ):,' *damn* maaya could have picked him! he's no married O: < just used it as an excuse B-D i know i would huhuhu fishuuu

10. LMAO lorelei...slow<3 (just how sid likes it AJHKDS)

11. woahWOAH!! *///*
oliver: *nosebleed*

12. jeez dante is pimping everyone x"D
poor fish you can come to my wedding..OUR wedding *//v//* -kidnap-

13. omg |8

14. haha dante's inner girly scream xD (pearls face wOAH went from innocent to ewe mMHMM<3)

15. haha they make cute drunk! xD random dafnyanko with a daju naked 8D?

16. f-favor??? (evil much? dante has friends?! he probably killed sid LMAO)

17. aw :'D if i was the murderer they'd be in trouble B-D especially mango *RAPE*

18. *kills mind* milk?

19. roflmao!! dajuuuuuuuu ;A;/
love your perspective tongue drawing skillzzz<3

ahhh =u= this was like a delicious meal (of crack<3)
you're awesome for doing this :'D it made my day lol thnx<33333
DafNyanko Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
LOL WOAH WHAT B-BIBBLE?!! o-ok XD make laugh this comment
1.- kekeke youre always praising them, aw XD Im glad you liked my new charas, actually idk how to bring pearl she is kind of creepy shy xDD and sometimes too serious
2.-LMAO I know about that cup XD I made it so retarded, and he is thinking about the jewels or lilly HMM
3.-there is actually a strip bar here called "el diamante de July" LOL, they would be buddies xD!
4.-lmao actually I liked this one a lot, and now that I look at it xD mango looks like KOKO lmao!! (but ya know who that turtle likes ewe) you should draw koko and the hippO xD boy
5.-sid wondering about dante?! lmao I knew he was still gay
6.- she is a cute slutbee XD haha yeah mango is pulling away freaked out by fish XD
7.-lol the bunnicula!! XD maybe is pearls DAD, lmao dante scares everybody true
8.-dante cookies cool XD take pics
9.-lmao he has baby lilly (aiden and a mariquitalol) I hope oliver dont kills fish XDDDDDD
10.-slowness better for RAPE? XD (btw sid is in jail LMAO)
11.-ROFLMAO pepe always do this and oliver kekekeke someone is getting some tonight 8D;;
12.-KEKEKEKE he is a quiet pimp! wedding D8 with fish?!
13.-I herd that iguanas tastes liek chickunn (chico?)
14.-girly scream + "argh almost get away of her", pearl face is like "wthh" mhmm
15.-lmao MY BRA she has nothing to cover xD!! he is with his boxers XD
16.-hauahuaha I was wondering that if dante has friends, but he would say that 8 I;;
17.-poor mango gets raped by xD everyone 8 I ;;
18.-m-maybe? *killed by grillos*
19.-XD I tried to do a good perspective but yeah FAIL D:

ty pandapimp xD Im glad you like it
was like a surprise xD;; (not good one lol)
;) :iconiluplz:
Da-DoOdLeS Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
1. creepy & shy? BFFs with kohana HAHA

2. its gay in a good way! aiden would probably give them mary's jewels and not care xD! anything but the pink apron B-D that's rens ewe LMAO *gets hot coffee splashed on face*

3. lol wth~ you work there? :eyes:

4. e//w//e. yeah he does a bit there xD mango is so cute in his creepy way. makes me want to draw koko ;u; but i don't have his details down :U or hippo;;;

5. HAHA i KNEW you were gonna think of it the wrong way! orz

6. so mango isn't a tough guy? creepy but shy ;w; sounds like me OTL

7. her dad xDDD aw dante doesn't scare me...ouo;;;;

8. yesYES! *licks dante cookies ROFLMAO!!*

9. haha aw yeah, aiden isn't a pimp..only to sid LMAO oliver wont kill fish..just hurt him..a little c:

10. in jail!? D8 quick lorelei, kill dante so you can go to jail! xDD wait no!!

11. its all he can do xD with his imaginary aids lolol as for oliver..he better get some >:I maaya is punished.

12. yes u//u wanna join us? 8D

13. SICKO D8 poor chico & mango so innocent;;

14. haha dante likes it B-D

15. they should switch 8D

16. LMAO some friend )8

17. its not his fault he's sexy ewe (its yours)


19. you did it WELL shut up! xD

i would say more but i'm being rushed! (by YOU LOL)
AquaZircon Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008   Digital Artist
LOL.........:heart: I love when Daf sleep...Did she wear only underwear?
DafNyanko Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
hehehe thank you~ actually she wears pijamas but since she was drunk XD haha she took some bra and sleep with it !
ChibiSesshyMaru Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008
my favorite is the one with dafu tongue action~your faces are sooooo cuuuute ;A;
DafNyanko Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
actually is one XD of my favorites too!
and the faces I do well XD maybe they look a bit weird to me haha
yei-4sus-yoh Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Pobre Dafu q nopuede dormir bien... XDDDDD
DafNyanko Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008
xDD enrealidad no puedo!!
como duermo ahora con mi madre y hermano por el frio ellos roncan xD y es horrible!!
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