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Pry - The Pack

By dafmat71
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Hi all!!

Cause it's more and more difficult to find those free icons, who calls: PRY
( and when we find it: it's in Mac format!!)

I decided to convert it and make a pack who contains:

Pry: Alu, Black, Etched Alu, Etched Black, Frente, Frente Black, Frente SE and Hardware.

Of course all layers are respected( 256x256.,...,..16x16) and so it's not all the time the same icon in different size!!!

Decompressed: the pack weights: 95 MB!!

I will thanks: Jonas Rask, who is the creator of those wonderful icons.


You can suggest it on different Groups!!

You can help me!
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dang good job thanks

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Awesome work, thanks!:clap:

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I used this icons pack for Silver VN VS and now, I know who is the author. Thank you, nice work!
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nice man how to apply it in windows 7 plz help>??...
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oh it's a little difficult if you not know how!!
Put IconPackager( not free!!) or replace icons in imageres.dll!! :p
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Awesome Pack!
Thanks for sharing :woohoo:
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I hope you asked for Jonas' permission BEFORE releasing this to the public.
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I reported this deviation to the site due to lack of permission for public release. You should remove it and get permission before modifying and releasing another artists work. Shame on you.
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No need to be so aggressive!
As you can see in his comments Jonas has been widely credited as the creator
And request the opinion of Jonas before reporting a deviation, it's still him the first concerned by the issue
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I think dafmat71 has permission to release it. and also he add jonas to the description. Please ask jonas before reporting this work. :peace:
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Jonas is very happy with this publication, cause his site have a lot of problem and now we can find it another but in one pack!!
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Nice port, thanks for sharing.
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awesome icons!

would like to know how you compressed it to ~7MB, too?!^^
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i use 7 Zip!! :D
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me too, but when i compress it,
it's still ~18MB big^^
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in 7z format with LZMA?
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aaaah, okay ... i compressed it with the standard 'deflete'^^
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How Did You packed this?
Archive ~7MB
Decompressed ~95MB
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lol, it's 7 Zip!!
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7zip on Ultra compression. Icons are very compressible by nature.
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