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Etched for IP

Icons size: 256,128,48,32,16

Credit: Max Theme

Little tip for x64 users:
I know that with IP, on x64, after some times the yellow icon comes back, so: replace the 3 "live folders", manually, in the imageres.dll from syswow64!!


Update: here's The Complete Pack if you will change somes ( like Dropbox,...)!!

You can help me!
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I know that this was posted quite a while ago, but is there any chance you could post a template for this style?
I really want to make all of my programs have the same style icon, but I haven't had any luck recreating it. :(
could you make icons for Eclipse and Kodi? Please :D
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Can I get a version of these as a Windows 10 iPack?   I'm no good at making actual iPacks and I can't wrap my head around it at all. Also I can't use stardock's IconPackager since I've used up my free trials on all of my email accounts and can't afford to buy IconPackager.
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Oh, I see...this is for Mac...that's sad.Can you tell me where I can find this for Win7?
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no it's for any wind!
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I love these icons!!! but I am a novice , i have no idea how to use them... i have installed the Iconpackager , but it seems that there is no ip or any other iconpackager's installation files in the folder. Can you tell me how to make them work? Sorry,my English is poor, I hope you can understand my words:) (Smile)  Thank you~
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I think that here it's the correct place where put the folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Stardock\IconPackager
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Thank you so much!!!It"s worked!!!:happybounce: 
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Place the folder in document/iconpackager... then go to the application and apply in it!
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Sorry for bother you again. but can you sent me a Complete package, please? Beacuse of the Network Limited in China that I can't enter some Foreign website, so I can't get into the link and downlorad the complete package.My email address is   Thanks again~Love 
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Read your note! ;)
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Thank you and check your note~
I really like this, but it's too incomplete for me to use :(
i have icon packager and i have a q do you need to change them one by another or there is a .ip or .iconpackage file?
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you must put the folder in iconpackager folder!!
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Sorry for being a retard, I don't get it? I'm talking about the yellow icon bug. And i don't undestand what im supposed to do
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replace with restorator the lives folders in imagerees.dll from syswow64!
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with pleasure! ;)
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etched icons indeed looks nice, but I don't know what to do with .icns files. nice one :)
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