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Blackline Calendar

Finally after some requests, i publish it!! ;)

Note: it's better to desactive: "snap to edges"!

Attention: if the values are not centered, you must change in the .ini: in "[Variables]": "IndicatorWidth=" : 64( for 1680x1050), 90( for 1920x1080)!!

Like that:


In Action

Credit: Based on Soft Calendar by ~dangzster( who is based on Line Calendar by ~smurfier )


You can help me!

© dafmat71 2011
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I have better results with D2D rendering disabled for this skin  in rainmeter.
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i really like this, but would be great if there's a month and day indicator. :)
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yes, i know, but some others person make one with indicator, but mine have a red color for indicator!
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Very nice and clean. Love this.
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but how do you know what day it is? :O
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windows time service!
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can this calendar be always at the center? I mean the Modern day to be at the center and this callendar to scroll to right? if u know what i mean.
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oh you will that the selected day is in the center, but it's not whar it must do!! the selected day is in red. And the calendar not move!!
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yep, its not moving... i want it to move! i demand this to move, magician! MAKE IT AND ILL PUT IT ON MY DESKTOP AT THE END OF THE TIMES!
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sorry i cant, it's to difficult cause 2 months must be show in the same time!!
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yes i understand, but i give a solution in the comments( description)
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also the number at your screenshot is not at center
dafmat71's avatar
it was a old screenie!!
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man, it didnt work for me :( i made 90 (for mine 1080p) and it didnt happen :(
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90 is for 1920!!
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yep. 1080p is 1920x1080. i made 90 and nothing. then i changed it to 65 - still nothing. 30 - nothing. something weird.. its not working at all..
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logical, i thinked it was for other thing!!
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try with some other chiffers and refresh, if i was you i started to 30->60
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