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Hello fellow deviants,

I'm looking for Voice Over work in any project that you may have. Pretty much have been working in voice over for over a decade so far, be it audio dramas/radio plays/machinima/ indie games/ flash projects and other media.

Now, if you would like to inquire about help with your project, don't be shy.

Just a couple things I'll need to know before I add anyone to discord or other messaging services who are interested in having me involved in their projects:

1. What is the project about?

2. What characters need to be voiced?

3. Is there a script ready? (the reason I ask this is because I would like to be ready to go to work as soon as the script is ready so I won't be waiting for days, or weeks, or months on end before it's completed)

Thank you for your interest in involving me with your future projects.

Even if it's a bit out of date with old equipment and audio effecting software, an old demo reel can be found here.

A way to run Flash Content after 2020[Might type more to this.][NOTE: If you have Flash Content, you can post it onto BlueMaxima's Flashpoint (or convert it). Look at the last part for links relating to Flashpoint. If your unable to and need help, feel free to ask and help I shall. ]Quick StuffThere are place and people that saved flash, but if your someone who still wants to run a flash game, animation, or such in your browser, and it's neither saved nor protected by website or people preserving them (either personal reasons or wanting to help with this endeavor in some manner), then check out these links, as they'll tell you how to do so. :Linkshttps://www.webnots.com/7-ways-to-disable-automatic-chrome-update-in-windows-and-mac/(This is shows you how to disable automatic update of chromehttps://www.upsidelearning.com/blog/2020/05/18/can-you-play-flash-after-2020-this-is-how/#:~:text=It's%20year%202020%2C%20and%2C%20as,Flash%20Player%20after%20December%202020.&text=So%20if%20users%20don't,be%20able%20to%20run%20Flash.(This is tells you about being able to still run Flash Contenthttps://www.upsidelearning.com/blog/2020/05/18/can-you-play-flash-after-2020-this-is-how(Same thing, but not highlighted, just incase the link was giving you issuesFurther NoteI woke up today, feeling pretty good after staying up for over a day (no joke sadly), doing the exact same thing (aside from occasional minor breaks), I can't really say I would recommend doing that. Anyways, I thought to see if flash was still working (don't know why, but felt like it), and to my wonderful shock what should appear, but a coloring tutorial by xdanond, and many wonderful things. (Couldn't resist sorry. XDSo I looked up about this mystery, and (based on aforementioned links), found out that if you have a Flash Player and use a browser version that works with Flash, then your Flash Merry Days will be happy indeed. This is the version of Google I'm usingVersion 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bitSome websites are using a program called Ruffle be able to still run Flash related stuff, such as armorgames, newsgrounds, and kongregate. Not sure if DeviantArt will or not though, still to hear back from themThere's some groups of people that are preserving Flash content as well, such as Flashpoint (think it's called?)Links to BlueMaxima's Flashpoint:https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/datahub/Curation_Tutorial...
[If you see me reposting this, sorry about that, just trying to help Flash Artists and Appreciators out there. :) ]
Anybody doing any projects this year? Kind of the last year you can.
Anybody even here anymore?
im doing project with flash, about pakour
Cool. I'll be watching.
I had an idea for a game, but Is it possible to make one that is multiplayer online? or at the very least lets you fight an AI or  post time?   I was thinking of a game that would be part scavenger hunt and part hunting down other players.
Hi, I need to develop a hentai dress up game. How much would it cost, and is there anyone willing to take the job? Please contact me.