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Fluttershy - is the best pony

Awww, i so love her!
Tryed to draw in a bit another style. Hope you will enjoy it.

Wow! I have over 400 watchers! Thank you all guys!
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are mother earth in pony form 
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Totes agree >w<
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you are amazing
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This is amazing, though Rainbow Dash is best pony. Haha.
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Silly, that's not how need to spell Pinkie Pie!
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not is my favorite but this is adorable
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Beautiful.I love your artworks!
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This is so beautiful... only thing is, her hair reminds me of mane-iac! Lol XD
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uhh wuts with rd in ur pic
just saying 
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Fluttershy's absolutely beautiful! LOVE IT! You did an amazing job with her! Guess whp's getting watched now?

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fluttershy is best pony ^^
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I love this (but Rainbow Dash is my best pony)
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so flutters is your fav pony? hehe ok 
you draw amazing! 
Im watching you now :)
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Thank you^^
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You really captured the detail and realism here. Good job!
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Eeyup fluttershy is best shy!
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awwwwwww great job!


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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so beautiful.  
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