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Pepe le Pew - C'est l'amour

... Uuuuhhhh... Well, my computer decided to be a jerk last night. The Internet decided to hate me and my router want to hiss at me. So I got tired of fighting them all and went to watch some cartoons. It just so happened that they were playing some looney tunes and they played a couple of eps of Pepe le pew and Penelope, whom I love (They're hilarious, what can I say XD).

So of course, while I watched the eps, I sketched this dumb picture of them. and today I decided why not color it in? S'not like they're hard to color (what with them being just black and white). So I did.

I was trying to keep the whole 'Looney Tunes' style going on but I think a lil bit of my style slipped through. Ah well. xD It was a fun, fast lil picture.

Pepe & Penelope (c) Warner Bros
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i like your style. they so fluffy!
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Thank you so much <33
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Art and credit with link are up for Valentines Day. Keep creating!
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aaaaaaaaaaaw,i love it :iconiloveitplz: !!!
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I love how the characters almost look like teenagers in this drawing. It's adorable!! ;D Nice Work!
Hi DarkuAngel:
I love this picture and wanted to use it in a blog post I'm writing. I was wondering if that's ok with you. I would use your link back text and obviously put by DarkuAngel somewhere near or below the picture. I'm posting tomorrow so if you could let me know today that would be great (hopefully you still check this site).
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Feel free :3 so long the link back is placed and you don't claim it as you're own, I'm all cool! Go for it! I'm so glad you like it ;_; <3
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I love this! <3. . .

and the style of giving them such tufty fur. . it's so fitting <3

Very well done! =3
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I tend to draw everything with... lots of fur. xD haha
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I've noticed x3 and it works very well :3
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Can't they just be together? So cute! :D
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Very cute. I normally don't do OTPs, but I honestly can't see how Penelope would ever be with anyone of the other people the people on this site pair her up with. ( Half of which aren't even from Looney Tunes. >_> )
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I think they were just made to be (lmao which in a way they er ... technically were! XD They just have to get over their problems first)
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:heart: :heart: :heart: i love this SO MUCH
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Haven't seen them in an episode in a LOOOONNNGGG time D:
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I love this couple! <3
Cute drawing, man.
Love those couples.
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