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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

--Apparently this is the only stuff I draw nowadays XD
The reference is the New Year party that Nobunaga threw on 1574 in Gifu Castle; the golden skulls of Asakura Yoshikage, Azai Nagamasa and Azai Hisamasa were presented during the banquet and, according to the sources, used to drink sake :D

I know it can't compare to the good times of Sengoku jidai, but HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME, MY FRIENDS :D !

Fun fact: To color the rooster I had to check that out on Google 'cause I realized that I had no idea, LOL.
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Aaaah it's those skulls again!! :XD:

I've always wondered what document said the skulls were used as cups. Do you know? Shinchoukoki only said they were put on display ^^;
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Actually, that's pretty much a fabrication.
Maybe something can be found in the Shinchoki by Oze Hoan... But I never read it, so...
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Oh, I thought in the description you said the skull cups is mentioned in some document/article. Maybe I read it wrong ^^;
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Yeah, you misinterpreted the laughing face for "actual historical sources" XD
I guess that was too subtle ^_^
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LOL, it's actually a joke! I thought you seriously meant you found the source! :XD: 
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Naaah. Yet, if the rumor is so popular there must be some source somewhere. I'd say the Shinchoki, since it's renowedly (?) full of crap :'D
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I recently found the source! The name of the record has "Azai" in the title. If I remember right, the name is "Azai Sandaiki". 
I guess whoever wrote it want to defame Nobunaga for revenge? :XD:
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But --LOL!
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You're starting early this year! XD
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I was supposed to do that at the beginning of the month ;_; ...But yeah, definitely earlier than past year XD
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Have a good time ^o^ !!!!
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