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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

Two of my favorite heros, the every lovable Booster and Beetle.
Why'd they have to kill off Beetle?
And Sue Dibny?
JLI gets no respect.
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I've been waiting for a major movie of these two for a long time...
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HEY! You have really amazing art, you should totally add add your art to one or all of these clubs!

Booster Gold fanclub

Blue beetle fanclub

Blue Beetle & Booster Gold fanclub!
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.......because Didio holds nothing sacred?

Dunno, it is my secret wish that Ted will someday come back! Jaime can still be a version of the Beetle - I mean, come on, everybody`s starting his own clan these days!
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Absolutely agreed!
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
I agree. Both were great characters.
lavie-chan-lady's avatar's just so...sad... :cries: I'll feed you, Beetle!!! Booster, go home....
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lol this is too funny

I love booster and beetle... I shall miss the team of blue and gold :(
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my god! they killed off the blue beetle? NOOOOOOOO
i was sad enough when they killed of Sue

I've been so out of touch since i moved, the comic book i love just aint over here, i need to start ordering them in from somewhere

all they got here are damn archie comics, simpsons and superman *sigh*
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Poor Booster. Always regulated to traffic duty.
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No, its Green Lantern regulated to traffic duty ;) :p
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LAWL didn't see that one coming =p
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