Myspace is dead. Facebook is here to help.

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The following is a blog I posted today on my Myspace page which has been collecting some proverbial dust for the past 2 years or so:

Myspace is dead and I'm not too bummed about it. The reasons for Myspace's demise are many, and one important reason is called Facebook. Facebook is better. Yes it is. If you disagree it's probably because you don't have real friends. Yeah I said it! Myspace used to be a place where teens and college students "met" people and made "friends." Then all of those youngsters (including myself) grew up and got jobs and real lives and became too busy to spend hours upon hours customizing their profiles. Photoshopping and choosing the best 11 photos to upload. Searching for that html code to get that cool cursor with a trail of butterflies and stardust. Looking through your crush's profile to see if there were any new photos or comments from their ex. Hitting the "refresh" button every minute. There is no longer time for us to browse around for people we'll never meet or worry about what color our backgrounds are. This "Facebook" that people are using now, is a place to keep in touch with people you already know. It's a place to stay up to date with the bands, companies, products, blogs, (etc), that you already like, regardless of their default photo or flyers they post on your profile. It's just more mature. Its real. The best feature on Facebook might just be the fact that you go by your real name. You are YOU on Facebook! Go figure! Your name is no longer some long ass phrase from your favorite song that nobody knows. Facebook compliments your real life, where Myspace just took away and distracted you from it. A ton of people pretending to be someone or something they're not. Especially in the recent years that all the mature ex-Myspacers have migrated to a better place, all that's left is all the wannabe celebrities, wannabe bands, and wannabe companies that believe they will "make it big." No doubt, Myspace is still a place to advertise, as there are still some actual people lurking around but frankly, I'm sorry to say, the Tila Tequila days are over. The reasons why Myspace is dead are countless. But I say, you don't need more than one reason to make the switch to Facebook.
The only thing that is sad about the Myspace apocalypse is that there are still a few lost souls who haven't discovered Facebook yet. I pray for them (in a non religious way) that they too will find Facebook. If you, my Myspace friend, are a real human person, ABANDON SHIP! Take a quick and pleasant raft ride over to Facebook island. You'll dig it, I promise.

PS. Leave all the bs on the Myspace ship cause there's none allowed in social network paradise.
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