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TMNM - Lineup

By Daeo
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The complete set of TMNM. This was a set that was commissioned by a fellow Turtle fan from the Kidrobot discussion board. I gotta admit, this set was one of the funnest and most satisfying to work on. Hope you enjoy checking em out as much I enjoyed creating em.

The materials I used are: Blank Kidrobot Mini Munny, Super Sculpey, Montana spray paint, Testors model paint.

Crits and comments are always appreciated.
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Why do they have ears? lol they're amazing!
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Thanks! These are actually Munny figures which I customized. I sculpted the accessories and painted them. I recommend you look em up if you're not too familiar with the diy vinyl world.
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Love love love them!!! A question for you if I may. Don't you have to bake the super sculpey? Did you put it on the model and then put the model in the oven? Or mold it and then glue it to the munny?
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Yep, you definitely gotta bake the Super Sculpey! I mold it right onto the Munny and stick the whole thing right in the oven. You just gotta keep it at the heat specified on the Sculpey package and make sure to not over cook it pr you'll melt it. The vinyl does get soft when you do it at the right temp and time so you just gotta be careful to not squeeze it or dent it 'cause it'll stay like that once it cools.
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Hello! Thanks for the tips. I just finished making my own version of the turtles. I hope that doesn't bother you but they were so awesome I had to! Thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm going to post a picture on my account but I will give you full credit!
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Damn, That is too cool!!
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Heh, I think Don is my favourite with his O_o expression.
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These are extremely cool. Like something I would picture seeing in a store.
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Very nice work!
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Hah, these are all so adorable! Great job with them. :D
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these are awesome! nice work-
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fantastic work man!!!!!! ah man!! only this morning was i thinking about doing a little turtle paper toy set...this is just blows my mind!!! brilliant work dude!!
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Dude, you gotta do the paper turtles! Then you can allow me to print my own ;D
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lol!! of course!! i will stick them up on my site!! i'll also be sure to let you know when theyre complete! i have a set on there at the minute...the first question mark is a zombie mario....lol
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I didn't make the toys themselves but I did take blank (all white) Munnys and sculpted some Sculpey on them and painted them, turning them into Ninja Turtles. So technically I "customized" them.

I haven't been working with toys too much lately but I do want to get back into it and hopefully I can post more stuff soon.
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You made these?

Goodness, they're superb. I saw this and originally thought it was one of those typical deviations of people showing off stuff they had recently bought or something until reading the description.

I'm interested in seeing what else you've created, so I'll check out some of your gallery. :thumbsup:
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