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Exna Fleet Inferno
Xeno-Intelligence capture directive report

Xeno-Intelligence species 910342 possesses a remarkably strong military presence in the 7C 3610 galaxy.

While their technology has allowed them to resist ongoing purge efforts for 97 cycles, current force projections estimate their resistance will fall within 14 cycles. This time table can be adjusted downwards to 3 cycles with the deployment of the Exna Fleet Inferno 12th Super Dreadnought component, and attached parasite fleet.

Archive footage of extreme long range drone strikes coordinated with missile barrages launched from fleet assets reveal additional weaknesses in species 910342's defensive capabilities. While refueling inside the radiation belts of hot Gas Giants, their sensors can not determine the location of our fleet, limiting the use of their capital ship weaponry to only terminal defense batteries, and limited directed energy weapons fire.

Due to this weakness in sensors systems technology, efforts to capture living members of this species can be ceased at this point in time. No further data on their ship hull manufacturing technologies is required, due to the capture of several "Dyson Cloud" manufacturing systems, by elements of the 7th Super Dreadnought component fleet.

Recommended course of action at this time?

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looks really cool... though I wonder when humans became The Borg....