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Battlecarrier - Red Horizon

By Daemoria
Battleship/Carrier hybrid. Flagship of High Lord Th-zho, former leader of Exna Fleet Purity, and current leader of the Laughing Swarm.

Base mesh work done in Cinema4d, heavy over-painting done in Photoshop.

Regrowth Et Ulnis Axbet by Daemoria Newtonian by Daemoria Interception by Daemoria Awaken -1- by Daemoria Awaken -2- by Daemoria
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ClassicalSalamander's avatar is it I've forgotten that High Lord Th-zho (may she live forever) was the leader of Exna Fleet Purity? I've never forgotten that Red Horizon was the Flagship...

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I must have commented on this previously... the page has been up with some version of the Red Horizon for three years now!

But hey, awesome ship! I do so love the Red Horizon, at this point she's like my third... no fourth... ah maybe my fifth... yeah, probably sixth favorite character of yours... in the Bright Future anyway. You have so many great characters, the fact that a non-MetaTek ship is my sixth favorite is quite a thing :nod:

Bright Future (only) Faves in (current) order: Yinda, Axbet, Numia (some days Numia fights with Axbet for second place, but she's only tangentially Bright Future, she's mostly really Aiers), Aten-Neb, that one dark-skinned busty purple-haired PsiComp lady (from "Decontamination" and "PsiComp Authority" that looks a bit like Th-Zho but curvier and I keep making renders of her and yet I can never remember her actual name, Red Horizon, Antibodies, Orna/Bia (really one entry, they are indivisible with liberty and justice for none), Navigator Tive, the Silka model Corvette, Th-Zho, Elan Mossburg.
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and the older arts?
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Hmm, what do you mean? :?
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Nvm. Good design anyway(i personally prefer the left one)!
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I must admit. I'm a little envious I did not thought of the "diamond" configuration part amidship.
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You get traffic cuz the detail is insane! :O
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Insanity, hm yes...sounds about right. Is what I do.
Stick around, I insist.
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this looks like a borderlands ship and how the graphics are on your drawing
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Odd that you mention Borderlands, considering I just started another playthrough of the first game. The style of this ship, and all of my other drawings since I drew this (over a year ago), are not really deliberately Borderlands-like, but I can see the connection.
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Nice - wouldn't be out of place in the 'Homeworld' universe...
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I like the Red Horizon, it looks rather cool, and kind of intimidating.
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Cool beans!
I love your design. The details are incredible.
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i think i like one of these the most, maybe ill do the little one on the right?
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That smaller vessel is the Hammerhead. Not the most original name, I know, but i was a nub at naming things back then and it stuck. I have a mesh I used for blocking in this designs, but it's pretty basic, you'd probably be better off just starting from scratch. If you want to try your hand at modeling it, go ahead, just make sure to provide source/credit for the design.
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cool thanks ill see how it goes, will naturally change some stuff, but i will not add ur name to the bio!! :P jokes of course ill put u up for credit :)

the program i use (solidworks) doesnt work well with anything so its always easier to just start from scratch. :)
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very cool man, should do more of these
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More of the Red Horizon, or more illustrative concepts like this? Because I plan on doing both. Since you were interested, have a peek at some related stuff.……
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ok cool man just saw the model now, looks great :) nice details :)
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Red is faster!
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