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'Opt out of AI art use' Hahhahahahahah, no. fuck you deviantart, this shit is pure trash. I have hundreds of images that I uploaded to this site over the decade+ I've been part of it. The oldest images don't even have the option to opt out. Expecting something good to come out of decision making on this site is hopeless. The only real option to not having my art scraped by deviantart's own AI art generator is to simply nuke my entire account. That's cool, it's not like you have had any hand in helping shitheads report and take down hundreds of my images in the past. What's the remainder to you?
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https://opensea.io/collection/spacecraft-art-gallery https://opensea.io/collection/creatures-constructs https://opensea.io/0xaca7caf613cc067bd070ac00d39de96deecbc3b2 (okay, let's be honest here, this is true of 90% of all collections on that site...) It's come to my attention that my art, and that of many other scifi artists has been 'stolen' and minted as NFTs. In the list is @Tekka-Croe , @Colourbrand , @Talros , @Benjee10 , @fmilluminati , @Zando-Zennek , and frankly too many others to list this early in the morning. If you, my watchers notice your or other's artists works being stolen and minted as NFTs, please go to this site, and follow its steps. https://fuckstealingart.com/opensea/ Another artist friend of mine, @Eluqqa had his work stolen and minted in this collection, and was able to get Google to pull down the image, resulting in the collection listing being a broken *loading* image.
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Could you not? Like it's cute that you think this going to grow the community after you fucking executed it, DeviantArt. It's just painfully obvious that none of these people '+watching' and '+fav' us are either interested in the community, or are just outright bots. Most if not all have no profile pictures. 50% have names with numbers appended, none of them have comments, all were created a week to 24 hours ago. I know you don't care about this community, but it used to be one of the best art sharing and interacting communities around. I've had my own issues with it, namely individuals who can't just move on if they don't like my content, but that's not the community as a whole. In the 16 years I've been part of this platform, its had its ups and downs. Several exoduses happened in the past, but for the most part it's bounced back. Eclipse might be the final straw tho, as evident by you now needing to purchase bots in order to seem like you're still relevant. But hey, you
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I miss you old friend.

Still around Daemoria? I've been trying to reach you since Feb regarding my commission, everything ok?

Okay I must be dumb or blind or both; but do you still have a commission sheet?

lol just found out about sex

If you say so.

Congratulations on surviving yet another rotation around the central star of the Solar System!

These last 365 rotation-days really appeared to have it in for all of us... >.>