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Bloodborne Fanart - Weapon ideas

Bloodborne old hunters was awesome, too bad its over. Wish it was longer maybe 2-3 more bosses then I would definitely be satisfied. Here are some of my leftover ideas in my head. I feel the arcane build lacks weapons so more would be nice and the beast's embrace rune only applies to beast claw, they should make another weapon for it, a heavy beast weapon so I've decided to draw an elbow blade weapon, that'd be pretty cool being a beast an all with a blade stick out of his/her elbow, slicing and dicing everything in its path.  And the musical weapon, I feel they would somehow fit the world, maybe will only affect beasts as they are connected more with the sound of bell right? compared to kin.

Anyhow this are just my ideas, this would probably be the last of this series of bloodborne fan weapons, looking forward to dark souls 3, oh yeah! cant wait. 
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I'd love to have those arcane guns
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Hi, I'm making a project to add to the game. I finished writing the story, only the tasks were left. I will be sharing in the Forum and on Steam as soon as I have an English translation. Could you please read the story and design a Warframe? If the Project is accepted and added to the game and a fee is paid, I will give you a certain amount. I am waiting for your reply!
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What does the Starslayer Gunblade turn into besides a gunblade? Also, can I ask you something?
What did you use to draw this? I want to make something similiar, but handdrawing doesnt look really impresive.
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I hope you have more weapon idea for bloodborne in the future. there needs to be more trick weapons. 
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you should design RWBY weapons
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And so the Moon Presence, in it's last moments, wondered how the fuck did that Hunter defeat him with a lute.
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How you ask? The hunter was playing Slash =)
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Nice! Got some more here.

Maria wondered what that music was, but whenever she heard it, death seemed to follow in it's wake, the sounds of pain and despair followed soon after the melodic sounds of music. Minutes later, a Hunter appeared holding a lute, and he asked but a simple question. "Want to hear a song? I take requests."
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Epic! you wouldn't mind if I used these for these for a fanfic would you?
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The lite weapon. Would you consider it to be a Healing Church weapon used by the Choir or it's Hunters?
Now that's what I call handy work
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Your blood borne weapon ideas are amazing. I honestly envy your creativity. 
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care to explain how beast blade works
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every bard's dream. you didnt cover how many bullets the Gillian fists costs each punch though
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I don't really see how you'd use the Beastblade. The closest thing i could come up with are tonfas and you can at least rotate those. So this would realistically be a more defensive weapon. Maybe if the blades extended a little bit farther than the hand, like a knifes length away, it could become a very close quarters defensive and offensive weapon.
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Man, I wish you worked at From Software.
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These are some awesome ass ideas to expand the arsenal of Bloodborne. I always felt that the weapons added a good portion of the lore in Bloodborne.
Awesome! I still hope they will make more DLCs or bring more updates to this game after they release DS3, i simply LOVED all concepts you made, you are the best :D hope they will get inspiration for those weapons
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these weapons turns bloodborne into Devil May Cry...
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So, you can become Slash with the Deathmarch? XP
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These are truly amazing! Can I use them in bloodborne literature? Of course I'll give credit,
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sure thing. go ahead 
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