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Helllooooooooooooooooooooooo DA. The ANWCU is rocking b4 the journal is up…AWESOME!!!! :excited: :D

:iconnarric-sb0: says:

Sequential Art by :iconjollyjack:
Pg 641 - 21/7
Kat is quite right, and quite wrong. Though Vanity is awesome :D

Looking For Group
Pg 375 - 19/7
Pg 376 - 22/7
Tauren probably aren't the best choice for guards. I'd rather have an unsleeping, inexhaustible Undead guarding me, but then I'd have a Tauren guard them :P

Eat-A-Tau by :icondarkdarius:
Elections - 21/7
Click the link at the bottom for great joke :XD:

Questionable Content
Ah, Questionable Content, why don't you have any.

Last Guest Comic
Its been guest comics for the best week. Some pretty funny, others, not so much :P
Regular updates coming soon :)

2 Gamerz By :icon4y4m: - Let the Games Begin Chapter 3
Pg 52 - 22/7
Pg 53 - 24/7
I have a similar story with creatures when playing Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Lead to my passionate hate for Hunters :P (Left for Dead ones are just as bad :XD:)

On The Edge
Creator still on break. :(

The Meek by :iconshingworks:
Still in Sketch Flashback mode :(

Dragon Heroes by :iconfany001
----- Crow Side Story - Pg 13 - 20/7
And we kick off into the actions sequence of this side story. I know this as I've read it already ¬_¬

:icondaemonblitzkrieg: says:

Anthronauts by :iconceilidhofone: - Peace Talk - 7/23
When all negotiations fail, call on Sir Boris. They’ll fail more. :XD:  And of Course Mr. Rexley. It had EVERYTHING to do w/ your red shirt!! :rofl:  btw didn’t that red xenophobe alrdy die? :confused:

Ginpu by :iconginpu: - No Nets - 7/23
Net Fail = Patience Failure.  Filler this week, but as usual, I’m insane. :rofl:


--So I think I may have killed yet another one of my mice. Freaking heck. Admittedly the one that died this time was one of the less expensive brands so I am starting to suspect that the first number on the price tag is secret code for how many months I can use a mouse before I break it. I'm a bit annoyed. Currently I've stolen my husbands mouse but this one has it's own set of pain in the face problems. Like how I need to hulk-smash in order to click on this thing. I don't know what it is with me and mice...I just blaze through the little suckers. One of these days I should try to save up and buy some type of gaming mouse or something since I seem to click the limit out of the ones I have. The usual problem I get is that over time it just doesn't register me clicking on them anymore.
But anyways, comic is up, and other than me being angry at yet another narfing mouse dying on me...I'm doing alright. My arms feeling a bit better so I'm at least back to functioning. So that is much yay for me. Now to try to get back on course to productive-town. Perhaps this time I won't make a pitstop in failville again.
- Ambaaargh

JCP:  It was Failville that Blitz and Ambaaargh met. This has been Insider Info.
Blitz:  HEY!!

Sometimes the argument is more important than the cause of it. - 7/25
Infighting btw friends ‘causes a solution for another person?  That usually failz, a logical fail. Oh wait we have Fae in the room, logic always failz then! ;P

---Abel‘s Story -  After much arm-ouch, Abel's Story is up. If you are a follower of that, I'd suggest you read the comic before reading the rant below. Don't worry, I'll wait.
Do da do do...
So yeah. As it likely is figured, this marks the end of Part Two and in a way, is the end of Abel's Story. About four to five years and 200+ strips ago I started Abel's backstory with the crazy notion I would totally get that done in less than fifty strips. It's been quite a doozy of an adventure. I learned a few things in the process, and it's been an interesting time.
Course, I expect one of the first questions I'd get asked would be "seriously? That's where you're ending it?". It leaves a lot of stuff unanswered, in theory the time between then and Abel showing up could probably take up a whole third part. But I do intend to more or less give the answers in DMFA regular. There is a chance that later down the road I may decide to go full into a third part, but not right now.
Which is probably leading to the next question of "So what next?" Firstly, I'm going to make my arm stop hurting because all week its been an ouchathon. Secondly, I'm going to spend a bit of time catching up on stuff I owe still and getting DMFA back to a regular update because this sporadic thing is driving me bonkers. After that...I have some plans. They should be fun. At least I hope they will be.
Finally, the biggest question likely to come out of this. "Does this mean you are doing Regina's Story next?" and my answer to you guys is "Arfadsldjsalkjdasl....*flails*"
See you Sunday with comics!
- Ambaaargh

Blitz:  YES!!! Flail. Flail like any weakass Magikarp who ain’t worth the time to look at!!! :evillaugh:
JCP:  I thought you said you like her.
Blitz:  Yea well…you c…Dammit will you shut your brain off already??
JCP:  You know I can’t.  Its our master.
Blitz:  $^@! YOU MASTER!!

page 105: BREAK(or end) - 7/23
Unfortunately……yes. This is the end of Abel’s story. :cries: I honestly, like 5 mil others, think she could have taken it further, but we must bend to the artist whim…  Well hopefully DMFA will get back to normal soon.

HousePets -

I Beseech Thee - 7/21
Grant him his wish so he can get off my leg :hump:…and Keene’s as well. >_>

That‘s What It‘s All About - 7/23
Thar beist much evil in the force of this ferret…much evil indeed. XD Well That’s the end of this arc, expect a filler or 2 (or Spot) ‘til Rick comes w/ something else. ;P

Cordiality - 7/26
A traitor is what a traitor does, but this doesn’t apply to a good dog like Peanut. Go chew on your butt or something Bino!! :hump:

Friday4Koma - page 34: Message In A Bottle… - 7/23
‘tis the most awesome way to get help, I must agree! :D


Arc XXXVII: Megan's Run page 36 - 7/22
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, even ones nicknamed ‘Brisk’! :D

Arc XXXVII: Megan's Run page 37 - 7/23
INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! No not now!! INTRUDER ALERT!! Leave her alone!!! INTRUDER ALERT!!!!…now I’m just over doing it. >_> :boo: Mystery visitor is…

---Pikiri Alitheia - page 23 - 7/23
I recognize those eyes anywhere. Bashful had a daughter! :excited: and Vinci died of another disease…exactly how many years passed from the strip jump? :confused:

The Draconia Chronicles - page 205 - 7/25
:noes: Lumina did something to make the rocks not fall on Chiara. Well that was expected wasn’t it?

Original Life by :iconjaynaylor: - Still is silly that some take a "gold standard" to mean the amount of money can only equal the amount if physical gold in the world. - Well I know of 1 ‘Gold Standard’ who doesn’t deserve it, Shelton Benjamin. :evillaugh:
Naylor is also rocking a new AC comic, ‘Trish’s Doodle’, for all of the so-called adults out there. >_>

120 - 7/23
:noes: Finger-Crossed Promises :noes:  :evillaugh:

page 121 - 7/26
:omg: Kidopolis?? A place where kids can be free and merry? A place where underwear is not a necessity?  A place, that for some reason, I can bet is just 5 miles out of the city limits or in the park… :rofl:

Rascals -

page 80 - 7/19
“Madam, Escape Plan Delta has been terminated in a new record, 5 secs.
Interesting, and may I ask why our best EP has failed so fast?
Madam, he was alrdy on board during take off…

page 81i> - 7/23
Air-head dog? A bit ou, but I’ll still dream of a ‘White Christmas’ w/ any(and all) of those girls!! Who’s w/ me??  NOW SHOW US THE DAMN PIC!!! :frustrated: :eager: :tantrum:

Lady Crimson - LadyCrimson Pause1 - 7/22
Nice Filler Pic!! :excited:  She should do more color pages. Just realize Fritz was a bird anthro after seeing this pic. …:boo: Hey you try telling the difference in purple shading!! :rage:

TwoKinds by :icontwokinds:  - Keith's Lineage Part 2 - 7/22
Past becomes part of the future. Time to learn about how Cornelius really died…Cathleen as well…^^;

:iconnarric-sb0:&:icondaemonblitzkrieg: say:

Last Res0rt by :iconlastres0rt: - My Favorite Game (When I’m Not The One Playing)! - 7/25

:icondaemonblitzkrieg: JCP:  Aw man ‘tis my favourite game also. The artist is only scared ‘cause Blitz has the High Score and is almost unbeatable.

Blitz:  wdh Do you mean ‘almost’ unbeatable?? My cannons have yet to fail me!! *BOOM*BOOM* :evillaugh:

JCP:  Remember that GrandChase pet Feste we called ‘BOOMBOOM‘??

Blitz:  …oh yea. Right…>_>
(GrandChase is an MMO that’s pretty fun and slightly competitive. I play it whenever I get a chance. :thumbsup: )

:iconnarric-sb0:  Oh C'mon, I really wanna see that Halo armor :(

No Updates: :crying: -
Caribbean Blue by :iconfreelancemanga: - Las Lindas by :iconchalodillo: - Alpha Luna by :iconalfaluna: ( I feel that Nekonny and Leo(Alpha Luna’s artist) have an angry mob stirring……I can feel it. :fear: )

Er b4 I go into the Final farewell crud, copied and pasted already, old sword wants to hit up on his own. So after this ANWCU, he’ll be hitting up on Thursdays, while me…I think I’ll move my part to Sunday(my most active day on DA…except for this week of course). So expect me on Sunday, like when a comic is SUSPOSED to be updated!! XD(well maybe not yet, still waiting on my ’top 2 be fixed) and Swordbreaker0 on Thursday. Don’t even know what he’ll title it. Hey wait, good question. Are you even gonna keep the same name when we spilt the ANWCU sword?? T.T Well anyway, that be it for now. ON 2 LA JOURNAL!!! :la::la::la:

Well Da Blitz has said him, now what do you think(comments)?? :salute:

Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook if you ever wanna chat or learn a bit more about the Arena Master known as, JCP(and sometimes I Am) Da Blitz.
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aw I got shot down, on Lady Crimson, Fritz turns out 2 be a sloth( I mean REALLY!! ), but does fit her better. on :la: plus side, say hello to :iconnenaluna:, Lady Crimson's artist. She finally let me know she was on DA! eeekk!!! :excited: ....dam I gotten get that under control. >_> ^^;
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Hehehe. You must be mistaken about which Xenophobe got shot, sir- it was the one that resembled Rexley, not the red one.
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DaemonBlitzkriegHobbyist Digital Artist
hmmm research must be inacted....
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Narric-SB0Hobbyist General Artist
I'll keep the name Blitz :roll:, but two swords cut better then one :D

*starts brooding over Thursday*
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DaemonBlitzkriegHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't you mean 2 cannons blast better than 1?? :evillaugh: gl Thursday
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Narric-SB0Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, but 2 Cannons, Firing 2 Swords = True Epicness ;) :D

but not quite on the scale of Twokinds :XD:
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