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Iron Man Suit UI (Work In Progress)

Edit: LEE2013 has already gone and made this , and frankly it's 10x better than what I could achieve. Consider this project scrapped.

Decided that since people liked the S.H.I.E.L.D skin so much that I'd start working on the Iron Man Suit UI also.

Once again, all refrence material is taken from Jayse Hansen
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Awesome , When is it Coming
what the..............................
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looking good, any chance you can have iron man revolving?
@Daelnz which font have you used in skin for "BT Power"
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waithing for the release!
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Oh wow, I'm really excited for this one now!!
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awesome..cant wait
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Looks promising so far! :)
Sweet!! Can't wait!
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I love you. I was writing down notes on what to have each thing do the other day when I realized I had no idea how to make it on a low-end Toshiba laptop.
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Love the Avengers UI. I'm looking forward to seeing what you achieve with this.
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Excited to see what becomes of this. Good luck!
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You read that article too? I have the flat they showed saved in my Cool Things folder xD
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