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Apo Tutorial: Star Map

After several people asked me how I made Star Map, I decided to just make a tutorial. Because this is my first tutorial (and because I'm still pretty new at fractals), I warn you to not set your expectations too high. I'm still learning, so if you see a glaring error or have a suggestion, please let me know.

Also, please be creative with this tutorial! I used similar parameters to make another one of my images, Spore, which looks nothing like a solar system. Try different variations to make something unique.

Finally, let me know if you use this. I really want to see your results!

Examples of work created with this tutorial:
- *AeternitasveniA - [link]
- =CBennettPhotography - [link]
- ~dandy-cARTastrophe - [link]
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Thank you :) It doesn't look as good as yours but I'm not giving up :)
Grow, crystal by M-Curiosity
sailoraya's avatar
Thank you :)
I made few changes in my fractal but it doesn't look that good :/  *Frozen Land* by sailoraya
tiffrmc720's avatar
Cool tutorial, here's what I made
Holmes-JA's avatar
I managed the tweak! This was super tricky.
Holmes-JA's avatar
Had a go here! Also working on a tweak.
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Wow, really simple and laid out tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing the steps and came up with an amazing image. I can't wait to tweak it and see what else I can use for variations to enhance it. I will definitely be giving you credit once I finish with my tweaks.
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Thanks and you're welcome :) I hope it helps you create something awesome!
IcarusPlus's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial! I've used it here:…
daelly's avatar
Very nice! You're welcome :)
Arythya's avatar
I have used your tutorial here:…
But I not very satisfied with the result, the lines on the ground are not visible as in yours.
djdarkstorm's avatar… Thanks! :) I wanted to mention also, for whatever reason, once I hit step four, I had to add flatten to make it display- otherwise the entire image disappeared. 
jim88bro's avatar
Amazing tutorial and another tweak:…
jim88bro's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial. Her is a tweak of mine:…
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Nice! I really like what you did with it!
LMcentury21's avatar
Amazing and simple ! Thanks for the tutorial !
Used here:…
moonhigh's avatar
Thanks for the tut!!
ClericalRage's avatar
Hope you like the outcome of the Tutorial of yours.…
daelly's avatar
That's awesome! Great job!
Adrolyn's avatar
Cool.  Nice one.  =)
daelly's avatar
Thanks! I hope it works well for you.
IAmThatStrange's avatar
I'm such a newbie.  I tried to Google this but cannot find it.  What is Ztranslate?   Other than that, it's soooooo cool to see it evolve!

daelly's avatar
It's a variation. I'm pretty sure it came with the version of Apo I have (7x 15B). It's right in between zscale and zcone. Does that help?
IAmThatStrange's avatar
One of my problems was that I wasn't using the 3D version, just now started it up and the light-bulb went off.  Now I've found them all.  Thanks!! 
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