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Art Process

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Hello Guys,

I don't remember when I was here with some news about me or my arts, but just in case - I'm still here. 
Because I did first movie ever with some animation during my last painting step by step I just wanted to tell you that you can see it HERE
Also I'm not sure in which side in style should I go. Cartoon one or more serious one... Cartoon design is very close to my heart but with age I have feeling that I avoid something important. Now I'm in between and that's not satisfy me... I'm closer to cartoon style - maybe I should back to this? Maybe for a year? What do you think?
Also - I miss a bit an old Deviantart times - when I had only this one gallery. DA is still truly meaningful to me but I have impression that other platforms took the whole attention these days. 
I hope you are OK! :D
See you soon!

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Hello Friends!

Miss AdorkaStock :heart::iconadorkastock::heart:
You know her so well! Give her your support please! :heart:
Cool actions like this deserves for attention! :dance:

Thank you,

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Hi Guys,

I have to tell you that this first part of January 2016 is crazy! I'm surprised that I'm able to produce all this stuff just like that. Thanks to this I'm much much faster and productive. If I have more time I paint everything so slowly and definitely more safely. And that's wrong because later everything is a bit stiff. Now I see that with every piece I'm more and more confident.
Also I've back to Photoshop and I discovered all these amazing brushes! Still I prefer Paint Tool Sai but I have to admit that sometimes SAI is too simple and I see less possibilities in it.

Next thing! I created new account! This time it's Twitter Bird Icon by poserfanTwitter Twitter Bird Icon by poserfan Feel free to follow me there if you prefer Twitter! :)
I did this after note on Instagram that Carrie Fisher retweeted myPrincess/General Leia piece! And because it was without credits (I don't blame anyone) I thought that maybe I should have also Twitter. :D
CarrieTwitter by daekazu

Of course I'm still on: TUMBLR  & Facebook & Instagram  
Now when I have so many galleries update is more and more time-consuming task! 

Ah! Guys!
One more thing: If you are thinking about commissions - now they are OPEN !!! Everything about prices you will find Star!HEREStar!

Best wishes and see you soon! :]

Your D.
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Hi Guys,

So we've started New Year! :party: And I hope that this one will be very special for us! Seriously! Busy in this cool way, but also slowly, peaceful, energetic and successful as we only want to.

As I wrote in my previous journal I want to draw something every day. So it's my the biggest personal challenge. Of course some pictures will be very simple and sketchy, but some of them so reach and finished as my regular works in gallery.
Also I want to start making some tutorials for you. Because you ask me about this so often that I thought if I can be helpful - why not? :] Maybe I'll start youtube channel. We will see. I have a lot of plans but not so much time... ^^"

OK - I suppose that's everything 4 now!
Thank you for attention!

Your d.

JaNewYear by daekazu

You can find me on:
My :star:Instagram:star:
My Tumblr 
My Facebook Account
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Hi Guys,

After another break I want to try to be here super often from now! :D Everything because of my personal challenge.
I want to draw two Mini Halloween Series.
One with cute, chibie heroines.
One with handsome boys!
I always wanted to draw something with boys and now I have good opportunity! :D

Also I have great job now and because of that I was more silent than usually. And that's... difficult, because I love this place and I have no time for it. But I'll try change this a bit.
For sure I'll start doodling more! After new year I want to start new personal challenge. 1 picture per day x 365... It's ambitious plan, but I hope that I'm strong enough! :D

I wish you great Halloween and amazing Autumn in general!
Best wishes,


ps. Below these two series. :)

Monster Countdown: Frankenstein Bride by daekazu Monster Countdown: Mermaid by daekazu Monster Countdown: Ghost by daekazu
  Monster Countdown: Frank by daekazu   Monster Countdown: Gill Bert by daekazu   Monster Countdown: Ghost Boy by daekazu    
    Monster Countdown: Mummy by daekazu Monster Countdown: Herwolf by daekazu Monster Countdown: Zombie by daekazu
  Monster Countdown: MummyNHotep by daekazu  Monster Countdown: Wolfgang by daekazu   Monster Countdown: Rod Zombie by daekazu
     Monster Countdown: Witch by daekazu Monster Countdown: Devil by daekazu Monster Countdown: Vampire by daekazu
Monster Countdown: Magic Bayou by daekazu  Monster Countdown: Dave Evil by daekazu   Monster Countdown: Draco Cooler by daekazu 
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