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explain to me why the HELL girls are so much easier to draw than boys :nuu: i can draw boys hair tho :hooray: I REGRET NOTHING
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I like drawing pretty girls better. I haven't quite figured out how to draw guys yet.
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Pretty girls definitely
more to show*
more to draw*
more to play*
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boys,... i cant draw girls right :P
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Boys! but girls are easier to draw LOL so i draw girls :P
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I enjoy the sex I'm attracted to more than the one I'm not. YAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! (IDK why, but I'm feeling awful shouty today.)
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PRETTY BISHOUNEN BOYS!!!!!!! Yuri Lowell, Cloud Strife, Septhiroth, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Rayne and Nyx (from Angelique Abyss).
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i say pretty boys because there are just so many pretty girls out there it takes allot to make them anything special
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Pretty boys. But with your art, I like the way you draw girls as well. :) Even more so, I think.
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I like both (mainly cause I like guessing what sex they are), but artistically I like the girls, especially when they have the curves (pear shape, hour glass, apple, other). Curves are beautiful on a woman and the more there are, the more beautiful the woman.
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I like them all! Boys or girls, if they`re pretty I love them! :aww:
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My first thought was 'boys', because I draw adorable boys(that unfortunately no one online gets to see due to my horrendous scanner), but then I was like, 'wait. this is daekazu. I adore seeing daekazu's gorgeous women/girls.' so... if you're asking like, 'which should I draw more', I'd say girls. But if you're asking which i prefer, I'd say boys. So for a final answer... mainly because I know I should be drawing right now and working on my own technique... I'm going to vote boys. Sorry if that was confusing.
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gackt is a pretty boy and so is hyde
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Why do you have to make this soooo hard!? :ohnoes: I think I'm going to have to side with boys in the end. :la:
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i like pretty boys that are masculine like....ikuto from shugo chara, that they should have a brain as well, plus i'm a girl so i see pretty girls in a lot of Shoujos so PRETTY BOYS ALL THE WAY
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Ikuto is awesome :D He's handsome, mature and smart.

Tadase... I don't hate him,, but I don't like him either... He's kind of childish... Don't you think?
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THANK YOU!!!!! been trying to figure out how to say that for ages.
yea he is but he is suppost to be 12...then again so is amu but girls mature faster then boys so yea he is.

ikuto rules!!!

if you had to chose a way for amu and ikuto to get together how would you do it?
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hmmmz.. difficult to choose.. =P

shortly summarized: I guess a fight about Amu between Ikuto and Tadase ^-^ Of course Ikuto wins and then is the part that Amu and Ikuto kiss ^x^

I guess I just like the parts that Tadase gets his ass kicked and has to see how Ikuto flirts with Amu. ^^;
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yea that sounds good but Peach-pit wouldn't do that oh well we just have to hope they do a continuation and actually put amu with SOMEONE, though encore did end with Amuto hint IT'S NO ENOUGH!!!
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I totally agree :|

I just want to see them together ^^;
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Both. That was my first thought, sorry! :P
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