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:heart:~:star:~~THE FIRST CONTEST WITH PINK SUGAR!~~:star:~:heart:

:heart: The subject is: Pink Sugar vs. Red Dictator (the first meeting of super-heroine and super villain)

:heart: Start: --> 4th January 2006
:heart: Deadline: --> 5th March 2006

:heart: Style (2 possibilities):
1. Draw a picture using the original "cartoonish" Pink Sugar style: the characters are simple and the background reminds of a cartoon backgrounds (like in Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, etc.) ->…
2. Draw a picture using your own style. Just remember to keep the original design of characters (like hair, clothes, colors) and don't transform it. Don't forget about the background, too.

:heart: Superpowers:
If you want ;]

Pink Sugar: flying, "Dazzling Hair Glare", "Pink Beam"
Red Dictator: teleporting, deadly Omega-rays, "Red cigarette smoke"
Just try to show them in action. You can see Dictator's teleporting here ->…

:heart: The scene to draw:
The first battle between Pink Sugar and Red Dictator. The time and place of this scene depends on your creativity.
If the winner will be a "cartoon style" picture, then I will draw the same scene but with my manga-realistic style. ;]
No matter what style you choose - any picture can win.

:heart: References:
* most important ->…

:heart: Prizes:
:star:1st place - 3-month subscription or a commission with background
:star:2nd place - commission (portrait in manga style without background)
:star:3rd place - commission (SD style)

With love,
sulev daekazu :fuzzydemon:


1 Entry by :iconandynortonuk:~~ 2 Entry by :iconpico-pito:~~3 Entry by :iconfour-eyed-samurai:
:star: Sugar Pink Meets Red Dictator by andynortonuk:star:~:star: Contestentry: Pink Sugar Power by pico-pito:star:~:star::thumb27334473::star:
4 Entry by :iconvaia:
:star: Pink Sugar vs. Red Dictator by vaia:star:


And one more thing.

If you like my Pink Sugar, then please, check these pictures by :iconbullsik:

:star::thumb13267814::star::thumb26918199::star: :thumb26912551::star:

by :iconsilwena: by :iconvaia: by :iconfrostedbinary:

:star: -My Hero- by silwena:star: :star: Pink Sugar - Preview 2 by vaia:star: :star: Pink Sugar by FrostedBinary:star:

by :iconaprilmbaird:


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oooh, so who was the winner??