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Zendaya as Ariel

"Little Mermaid" is still my favorite Disney's animated movie so when I heard that Zendaya could play her in live action version my first thought was: I have to draw this!
After her role in "the Greatest Showman" I have no worries. ;]
I'm so delayed with all of these fun drawings, so I know that I've missed "hype time" with this pic. :>


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Beautiful drawing

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Didn't they pick Halle Bailey for the live action remake?
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They did. This artwork here was created long before the anouncement!
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Yeah, she recently confirmed it was just a rumour.
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Just a beautiful piece of art!
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In all seriousness , if they just make Zendaya's hair red, there would be 0 problems from allot of people
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this looks AWESOME. I was having trouble picturing it and you fixed that 100%!
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She looks so weird.
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I love this!!!
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Why fork? Did she eat her fish-companion?
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I would love Zendaya as Ariel. She is an amazing actress. :3
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I must live in a grotto (Ariel's ? XD) cause I don't even know who is Zendaya. I googled and I can say she is really cute. I don't know for her acting but yes, she is really beautiful. And who cares about her skin color ! It's a great !

Really gorgeous art as always. Her eyes are hypnotising !
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Amazing, I love the hair.
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I haven't heard of this. But I would definitely see the movie; I love Zendaya and think she's extremely talented.
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I know some people would be upset if she plays Ariel, but I'll take a girl that can act and sing anytime over just a name to draw some more money to the boxoffice….not gonna name the person who ruined my favorite Disney animation and princess. Anyhow, Zendaya doesn't disappoint.
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It really looks like her :D that's amazing! Great job :)
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0.0 I didn't hear about that! Well, I know that they were doing a live action, but I didn't hear about who would play the characters! I haven't really seen the Greatest Showman, but I'm sure if she was great in that movie, then she would be perfect for this role. ^^
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This is perfect!! :heart: such a beautiful portrait of Zendaya as Ariel. Amazing job!!!!
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