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Your fav Disney's Princess

By daekazu
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EDIT: With Aurora experssion... it's inspired by scene, when Maleficent hypnotize Aurora by the green light and leads her up the stairs to the tower (end of the movie, before the dragon scene).

Inspired by one of my DA POOLs (My favourite Disney's Princess is... ) >>> [link] [link]

And the winner is:
1. Belle (1,343 votes)
2. Ariel (954 votes)
3. and... Rapunzel! (752 votes)

Next were: Jasmine, Kida (from Atlantis: The Lost Empire), Aurora, Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White and Eilonwy (from the Black Cauldron).

Pencil, Sai + PS CS + Wacom (Volito2)

I hope you will like it! ;]

:star::star::star: Previous works with Disney's characters: [link]
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I love to see Eilonwy there too. The only ones that were missing are Giselle, Pocahontas, Merida, Alice, Mulan and Wendy.

I have this concept in my mind, the Princess were helping each other to scape from a dark place, teaming up together. Because Alice and Wendy were probably lost and Mulan went to search them along with Pocahontas, Giselle and Merida.

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Beautiful work 
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LOL, Aroura's zombie stare!Laugh 
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They all look adorable, but I would've voted for either Ariel or Rapunzel.
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I love the chibi/anime style, and the aurora expression is so funny! Great job on this masterpiece :)
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I just love them :)!
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To all the people commenting on Mulan, she isn't a princess. She never married a prince either. Granted I never saw Mulan II. So I don't know if Shan or her got bumped up the social ladder

Megara would be a princess though, if she married Hercules. Soon of Zeus, king of the gods, which makes him a prince
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I like Aurora´s face.
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This is very cute my personal fav is Eilonwy, that is unless you count Leia as a Disney princess now that they own Star Wars.   :)
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Who's the last girl?
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That's Princess Eilonwy from a 1985 Disney film calls "The Black Cauldron" which is based loosely on a book series. The film is pretty good.  
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I don't see Pocahontas
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I like Tiana, Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel!!!!
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It's over but I LOVE BELLE!!
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This entire piece is gorgeous but my favorite part is simply that you included Eilonwy and Kida. Eilonwy is one of my favorite princesses and people always seem to forget about her. All the lights are creative, too. :)
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Agree. It is right that they were both included. 
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i love that you included a little something from each of their movies
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I love Auroras facial expression
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I dont recognize 2, but eh
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