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Wonderful Wizard of OZ



Team from the Other Zone!

Something from my oldies (2oo6!) and again a bit refreshed.

Character designs of Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Toto, Dorothy and Tin-man.

Pencil + Paint Tool Sai + PS CS
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I always wanted to see a more modern, "cyperpunk" version of these characters in which the "Land of Oz" is like an alternative world in cyberspace, like The Matrix, or The Grid from Tron. It would be called: "Oz.io"

-Dorothy would be a hacker from Seattle (because, like, Kansas is overrated)

-The Magic Slippers would be made of Silicon (rather than Silver/Ruby)

-The Scarecrow is a Redneck Zombie (who wants a brain... to think with)

-The Tin Man is a Cyborg (who wants software that will enable it to empathize with humans)

-The Lion is a Mutant (who has been given all the most powerful traits of every living predator, except for courage)

-The Wicked Witch of the West is the "Giga-Glitch of the Web". Self-explanatory.

-And the OG Wizard of Oz himself? Bill Gates, or the equivalent thereof. You know? Like the Architect, from the Matrix.