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The Little Merman

Funny commission for Brian. ;] A bit twisted/different version of The Little Mermaid.

On the picture cast of The Little Merman:
Cruel Princess Erica
King of the Sea Ursulius
Little Merman Flounder
Small Fish Ariel
Human Expert Sebastian
Sea Witch Tritonya

Pencil, PS CS and Paint Tool Sai + tablet

I hope you will like it! ;D

:star: My other works with Mermaids: [link]

:star::star::star: Previous works with Disney's characters: [link]
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Who is Flounder's love interest?
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prince flounder is so cute i think if i was a mermaid i would want to go out with him
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Hi daekazu
 (sorry if that sounds silly idea)

I love your genderbend skills, and I wondered if you could possibly draw a genderbend end scene to the little mermaid?

Where the queen Triton = beautiful white-haired queen Triton -

turns the female vertion of Eric into a mermaid so that she can live as her own adopted daughter and wife of her son, 
(genderbend Ariel)
Underwater kiss 

Sorry if that sounds silly. Hug 

But really think it could look amazing :)
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Ooh, interesting version! :)
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Awesome!!! XD I love the male ursela!
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Awesome pic! It's interesting that everyone else is gender bent in this one but Flounder is a merman. I wonder what Flounder would look like as a mermaid now, lol.
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Brilliant, fantastic! Well drawn totally epic keep up the good work

-Allonsy! ;)
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Too many swaps, too many reversals...I can't wrap my head around this!
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OMG Flounder! Draw more merman flounder please! This looks like a great story!
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The Little Merman sounds like Joy from Inside Out. I don't know how?
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I do not approve of this
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...I wish this was the actual movie.
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I know this is probably going to be seen as a "why do you need to put romance in everything?" but if Erica is cruel, who does the Little Merman fall in love with? :?
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I like that you used Flounder instead of just making a male version of Ariel ;)
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Wow. What a twist! 
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I like it. I like it a lot!! Especially what you did to Flounder!!
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I LOVE the idea its very cute
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Nice picture and an interesting idea. :D
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This looks pretty good and colourful :) you have done a great job :)
Could you possbily draw my oc?
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