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The Addams Family

It's not the Cullen's Family! ;] It's my favourite creepy family - the Addams!

On the picture: the Thing (Hand), Uncle Fester, Gomez, Morticia, Lurch, Wednesday, Pugsley and Grandma!

:pumpkin: Happy Halloween Guys! ;D :pumpkin:

Pencil, Ink, Photoshop CS and my own textures.

:evileyes: :skullbones: :skull: :evileyes: :pumpkin: :evileyes: :skull: :skullbones: :evileyes:

:star::star::star: My other wallpapers: [link]
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I’ve been watching the series and I watch the movie every Halloween 🎃

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I watch the movie every Halloween 
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I tried watching those two Addams Family movies from the 90s.  I couldn't get through either of those movies, but that wasn't because I didn't like those movies, it's because the family in question is so wrapped up in their own logic that I can't find a place to grasp on.  Every scene left me saying "okay then".  To put it bluntly, I have no opinion on The Addams Family.
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Bill Cipher would love this family.
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This is beautifully down.
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Where's Cousin It?
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This is great! So great, in fact, I just faced it.

"Normalcy is an illusion. What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.". - Morticia Addams
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Lovvvvvvee it ! Amazing artwork.
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I am an English teacher and I would like to use this picture in one of my activities. Can I? I found it wonderful.
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This is perfection!
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Amazing! Great job!!!
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nice pic loving it want to be that family uncle fester is so funny :)
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did someone think it was the cullen's family? those must get slapped.
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I LOVE your morticia, she looks sooo devilish!
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My favorite family!!! Love it!!
i love them!! amazing work!!
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du-du-di-dumm -- snipp -snipp
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