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Star Wars: Rey, Leia and Padme

★ Star Wars Generations ★ Rey, Leia & Padme. 
May the fourth be with you! ❤

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Rey should've been Luke and Mara Jade's daughter. They could have made Mara Palps daughter that would then explain why Rey is so powerful she would've been Vaders and Sidious granddaughter

Leia, Padme and Marey Sue.

Blame KK and that Rian Guy for that they had an amazing cast and could have made a great story but they wasted it

they all have the same eyes

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Awesome work! They all sure look beautiful!

Does anybody notice that almost all the female leads for star wars are women with brown hair.

And they all wear white.

And weird hair styling....

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Do you sell prints ?

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Reminds me how they are all linked...

beautiful work!

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Wonderful job you did on this one. Very majestic lineup of characters you got here.
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Japanise symbol for begginer!

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It's Tamama's symbol from Sgt. Frog. Is that the meaning?
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I dunno, i herd it in Skeppy's videos

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Now this is beautiful, nice work. :heart:
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I almost would've favour it but their is one flaw and that is the (Mary Sue) Rey!👎
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Please leave already.
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