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She-Ra vs Sailor Moon

She-Ra 2018 vs Sailor Moon 1992
I think I'm in love in this inspiration. I love Sailor Moon so much. I still can't believe how old this anime is.
Also I'm waiting for She-Ra. She'll be different for sure than original one (from 1985) but I'm OK with that. ;]
She has my full support! 


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Awesome job on this! ^_^

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You know what's funny? The new He-Man has a transformation scene really seemed like a blatant copy of Sailor Moon's.

Standing next to Usagi really drives the point home. She doesn't have to wear a corset or bustier, but modern She-Ra's design has no shape at all.

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cool what great crososver of sailor moon and she-ra nteflix is awesome and fantastic is one great work congratulations friend:D :)

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I like Sailor Moon on the right.
She looks really cool in this.

This will be an interesting crossover.

The similarities are that apparent.

Serena/Usagi: Ah no offense but you had ninety four episodes of your own material, you didn't have to steal from me and Tenchi.
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They look like the teacher and her disciple

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he man's twin sister and sailor moon go epic together

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Nice job on these characters , they are both good super heroines in their own way .
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Nice job drawing them both! Say how come nothing from She-ra is on Sakugabooru? Lots of western shows get to be on their, even Netflix's Castlevania but not She-Ra. I don't get it.
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"By the Power of Grayskull I will punish you!"

"Moon Crystal Power Make Up! .... I HAVE THE POWER!"

(As a side note, I am aware thet it is He-Man who says "Power of Grayskull" and also "I HAVE THE POWER!" but the purpose of the joke should be perfectly clear to anyone that actually likes to have fune every once in a while.)
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I’m going with sailor moon on this one.
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Your such an amazing artist i admire you greatly
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Ok with it? She looks like a MAN
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You must know a lot of beautiful men
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no but in the show she looks like a transgender

and no im not like that, but she looks too manly. the show is about girl power and femininity, but the new show defeats the perpose

alo im alone in this universw
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Transgender is an adjective so you made an illiterate comment.

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Do you just automatically assume any woman with broad shoulders is trans? And that it's a bad thing? OH eyeroll H 2 
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No. I don't. But the whole point of the show is to show girl power and femininity. They completely took that away and made the girls very masculine. So please don't take offense.
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The She-Ra reboot is pretty girly tho. It's got lots of pastels and sparkles and soft round characters and whatnot, I was disappointed new She-Ra wasn't more jacked TBH.
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