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She-Ra: Princes of Power Comparison

She-Ra from 1985 and 
She-Ra from 2018
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The 2018 version of Adora is a lot more 'accessible' to my eye. As are nearly all of the other characters in the 2018 series compared to the earlier series.

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wow beautiful work!

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You did an excellent comparison of the old and new look. I love the shading and line work. It is inspirational. Fave :+fav:

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your replying to comment that's 2. months old

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I'm impressed, you've managed to actually make 2018 DW she-ra look good!

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that's not a hard task. She already looks good.

binkibonsai's avatar

Agree to disagree.

I personally find the bike shorts n skirt combo really goofy-looking.

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Did you see her season 5 makeover? I think it’s better than both looks.

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I did not; I'm afraid I find the art style of a lot of post 2010 animations quite unappealing, so I stopped about four episodes in.

I usually figure out whether I like a show about 3 episodes in, so if I'm not grabbed by then I tune out.

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1985 is a sexy woman.

2018 is a boy trying on mommies dress.

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1: no, she's a girl, get your eyes checked

2: oh shut up.

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oh darn, you sure got me with that. Golly gee whiz, you showed me that you're not just some stupid kid who can't tell the difference between a boy and girl.

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definition of insanity.

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Is that just all you can say?

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I prefer the 1985 one but the 2018 one good too

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Generations come and go right? No matter how much time has passed, legends never die

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As a little kid, I was a huge fan of He-Man, and his first crossover with She-Ra might as well have been my BvS. But the industry has grown since then, and as soft a spot as I have for the original shows, this new incarnation is better in many ways. It's better written, more emotionally resonant, and clearly designed to appeal to its core audience of young girls, not just the older fans who stuck around. All in all, it just works.

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Being a teenager in the 80's, of course I prefer the adult She-ra. But I won't rip clothes for this new version. It's a girls' thing, of course, and for that audience, it's okay. Another generation will be necessary to see girls and boys working together.

I like the Netflix one better much more appropriate for children well my children

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omg I love this:jawdrop: :heartbeat: ! I absolutly love the new serie and her new outfit!Heart Love

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The 1985 version is more sexier than the 2018 version

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