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She-Ra, Glimmer + Bow

I've finished watching the new "She-Ra" series and I have to tell U that I really enjoyed it!
How about you? I'm super curious!

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SheraInsta by daekazu


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Love this art sooooooo much wow

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Only watched the first four episodes so far, but it's a lot of fun so far! Definitely got a lot of unfair pre-release hate.
If only they looked remotely as good on the show...
PrayerGirl1's avatar
Best freaking remake so far!!
nancyinfernley's avatar
my son hipped me to it. i loved it and can't wait til the new season comes out. it was really good!!!
C-blaze21's avatar
Gotta love them.
auldor's avatar
I wish She-Ra looked more like this in the show. So much cuter.
AgressiveMutant's avatar
I came here for She-Ra. But I did not find her there. Who is this Sailor Moon girl? (-,-)7
pennydrdful's avatar
This is super cute, they all look great!  Great job!
Cheetaur's avatar
I have watched some of it, (plan to watch the rest) and so far I like it. It has some fun moments in it...specially with Catra
EvyArt11's avatar

I take it that by now (two years later? holy crap I'm a creep) you have seen the ties that bind episode.

my personal favorite moments from the show are when Catra acts like a cat.

Phenometron's avatar
These three have true friendship goals. <3
swatrzwald's avatar
I was surprised how much I liked it.  Really good characters, I feel  kinda bad for Catra though, hoping for a face turn at some point down the road.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Aw lovey work enjoyed it so far half way through it
NixieSeal's avatar
Somehow, I just KNEW you'd be drawing fanart of this! X3 I also enjoyed the show. I was a bit dubious for the first couple episodes, but it steadily got better and better as it went on. So much drama. So many shippable ships.
EternalSurvivor's avatar
I enjoyed it as well ^^
DragonQueenSarah's avatar
I binge watched this all the day it came out i did almost nothing else.  Raven (gif animation) 
CarolinesEcho's avatar
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is amazing. I watched it through once already and am watching again.
Kitty1Cat2's avatar
So nice!
I seen this show on Netflix and was debating about watching it.
Now I think I might!
staravengers's avatar
me too, i am waiting on the season 2 now (Y)
NansJns's avatar
I really liked the new She-Ra, and I say this as a woman who enjoyed the original as a child.  Is it as good as Voltron: Legendary Defender?  No, but it's still pretty darn good!  The writing is on point and all of the characters feel more 3-dimensional than they did in the original.  I also like that Adora actually gets bigger when she transforms; it's a nice addition to the usual magical-girl  transformation.
funnyferret12's avatar
Agreed but RIP Voltron :')
NansJns's avatar
RIP, indeed.  It was great while it lasted!
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This is so great!!!:) (Smile) :) (Smile) Heart 
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