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Sailor Moon: Wallpaper

By daekazu
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Edit: Based on this picture ~Itachisgirl93 did this:

Isn't this great? :D


I would like to thank all of you for 55555 pageviews! :>

Especially for this event I did a Sailor Moon wallpaper (1024x768).
The idea for their costumes came 2 years ago and I always wanted to draw them this way. Take a closer look to the magic wands! I hope you'll like it. :D

pencil, ink, Photoshop & mouse
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© 2005 - 2021 daekazu
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so cute!! Nice job on them! <3
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
WOW!!! This is amazing!
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XD nice, Mercury. Nice. Soap. Very nice Mercury.
btw this looks fabulous 
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why are they all angry and moon is all happy

still like it tho.
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Sailor Jupiter: Power Outlet...?
Sailor Mars: Match.
Sailor Moon: Moon Stick.
Sailor Mercury: Bar of Soap!
Sailor Venus: Heart Thing?
Ahh....I just love this thing. :) :heart:
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I <3 Your Picture, I LOVE IT SO MUCH IM GONNA MAKE iT MY WALL PAPER, When I Get My PC Fixed.........
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That made my day.
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yay!! chibi is always the best:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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this is different
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This is so cute and funny! Haha Love it :D
LeChaoss's avatar
Love the style!
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i love the details of the accesories! its too cute. Great fanart
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I need this on a shirt! 
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Okay, i would have preferred it if all ten hands had a small thumb showing as IMO it looks slightly better than the "fist" type chibi hands, but other than that this is awesome.
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Ahaha Jupiter's is an outlet, Mars' is a match, Mercury's is a bar of soap XD That's hilarious! Ah, this is so cute!! I love it! Venus' could've been like a lipstick thing, 'cause in Love and Beauty Shock, she gets orange lipstick, like the outers do in their transformation sequences. That'd been cool :3 I dunno, maybe it wouldn't have been big/flashy enough. The heart is so cute!
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