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Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars

By daekazu
Next from the series - Sailor Mars. ;)
Pencil, Photoshop, textures and mouse.
Pose has a photo reference.

I hope you will like it. ^^

Edit: I corrected tiara (thanks to :iconirulana:).
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© 2005 - 2021 daekazu
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dalekdude11's avatar
very cool .. i meen hot
Fap-material's avatar
1 shot — 1 kill,
No luck — just skill!
Lovin the pose, she'd make the perfect Charlie's Angle!
QueenAncana's avatar
Charlie's ANGLE? XD
kettenfett's avatar
the most badass of them all! and awesomely done :)
Kind've reminds me of Jasmine.
AJSparrow's avatar
Sailor Mars, simply incredible.
EmperorKarino's avatar
Chibi-Drow's avatar
She looks SO badass!
ThePrancingHorse's avatar
I love the eyes, very hypnotic. Great work Faved.
shes always been my 2nd favorite! But i still love it a lot! its wonderful!<3
Flowerfirestar's avatar
mars has always been my favorite sailors
SSJGoen's avatar
Very nice and hot...pun intended XD
BledsoeVball30's avatar
Looks awesome! All my friends say that I'm like her. :D
MayeGirl's avatar
That looks computer animated
DrkFaerieGFX's avatar
This is my fav Sailor moon peice, sailor mars was my absolute favorite.
Vigolw's avatar
Чувак, я видела значки с этой серией работ... Вот дура- не купила...
EgyptianDream's avatar
Haha, awesome. She looks so bad ass.
SuzyCutzie's avatar
You are extremely talented!
MercyLorraine's avatar
This is awesome! :D She totally looks like she just killed a youma :P
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