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Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter

By daekazu
Another soldier from Sailor Moon series. This time powerful Sailor Jupiter. ;)
Dedicated to ~BloodyRaven :]

PLEASE, full view... ;__;
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© 2004 - 2021 daekazu
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Quite interesting how heroines can weild lightning, yet for male characters they can only do so as the villain :thinking: .

(not a bad thing, just a funny trope)

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Bring down the lightning!
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My favorite home girl Jupiter! :D
Perfect Charlie's Angle number 3...How about you put Rei, Ami, & Makoto in a picture together posing as such!
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That looks badass!
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This is so awesome! :D Sailor Jupiter is my fave! :heart:
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Awesome my friends say I look like sailor jupiter
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Lovin' your style. They look more Asian. As they should be.
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I saw this painting maybe 5 years ago,when I was child and then I was like O________________O <3 and now I know that You painted this! You're amazing~~~~ You made my childhood *.*
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this is an awesome picture!
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and the lightning looks great! :D
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I want lightning powers )X
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this is amazing
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my fav lol this is so cool
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