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Sailor Moon: Gold 5

I would like to thank all of you for 888 888 pageviews! ;]
Especially for this occasion I did a Sailor Moon wallpaper (1024x768). Once again with girls from the first season.

1. Green: Sailor Jupiter - Makoto Kino
2. Blue: Sailor Mercury - Ami Mizuno
3. Pink: Sailor Moon - Usagi Tsukino
4. Red: Sailor Mars - Rei Hino
5. Orange: Sailor Venus - Minako Aino

Pencil, watercolors, Photoshop, mouse and Wacom.


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Check it! -> !!! --- > [link] < --- !!!
* F I R S T * C A L E N D A R * with PINK SUGAR!!!

Check it! -> !!! --- > [link] < --- !!!
M E R M A I D *2009* C A L E N D A R

Check it! -> !!! --- > [link]
F A N T A S Y *2009* C A L E N D A R
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Wow. Amazing work. Love the colors.

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(a la Charlize Theron): "They are gold..."
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New Profile Picture! Napstablook GUMBALL ICON!  Yaaas!.commission. Bud gaming icon 
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awwwweeeeeeeesoooommeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!Spinny Bill Cipher Icon La la la la La la la la Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked 
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I love sailor moon!Sailor Moon Emoticon: Neo Queen Serenity 
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Such a nice little group :)
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Love Venus in this :D
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woo0!! sailor moon
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~awesomeleydumb4ever has stolen your artwork and posted it here: [link]
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@daekazu :love: it + here's my drawings :aww: :w00t:

[link] :iconrainbowsparklesplz:

[link] :iconcolorfusparksplz:
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Wow, beautiful *____*
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freaking amazaing

loveee it
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I love it, Venus and Jupiter especially.
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Nice. I love the colouring. :D
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I love their expressions and the colors. You captured all the characters and their personalities really well. =D :heart:
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