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Raya and Sisu meet Aladdin and Genie


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Raya and 🐉Sisu meet Aladdin and 🧞‍♂️Genie.
1st thought after watching the movie (which was super good)!
How did you like it?

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You should have Aladdin and the Genie meet Moana and Maui, and also Hiro and Baymax.

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Awesome crossover here.

I'm glad you noticed the parallels. But in fact, there are much more parallels and logic than you might think....:sherlock:

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it's almost like looking in a mirror lol

LivyatanMelvillei's avatar

I absolutely love this. I also saw many, many parallels in these two films. To be completely honest, they are actually both in my top 3 Disney animated works ...

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I like the concept

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🥰🥰🥰never would have thought

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Not seen it, but this looks very good.

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we are waiting for the movie to be free, but I really love your drawing :) really good vibes!

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Yeah I thought it was good. Gorgeous visually. Felt kinda weird to have a Disney Princess movie without any songs but it really wouldn't have worked with them so that's all good.

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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp from One Thousand and One Night

(manuscript, 1704-1717), Antoine Galland.

Magically Beautiful

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LOVED the movie and this picture!!! Didn't connect the two, but the stories were alot alike... that and Avatar, the Last Airbender.

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Very nice D! This kind what to ask you about ideas for when yur open again! Thanks!

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I haven't seen the Raya movie yet bc i'd rather wait for it to be free lol

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I almost don't dare to say it...I dislike the Raya movie. But I enjoy your artwork way more :aww:

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