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Aardvark1998Hobbyist Writer
She could take Emperor Palpatine any day.
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May I use this picture for notifications on my Twitch Stream? 
I play beat saver that is Star Wars inspired and I also play VR Chat and Role Play as a version of Sailor Moon.
This is perfect for when my character plays beat saver! 
<3 <3 Also would love to shout out your artwork on my channel :D 
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love this nice work
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LadyIlona1984Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely. :)
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Astragami-samaHobbyist General Artist
omg co cool 
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Mhccrystal102Student Traditional Artist
Bunheads!! :D I love it!
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1MissyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, when Latias(Princess Leia) meets Cresselia(Princess Serenity)Tokyomoonlight Oshawott Bouncy Heart Emote Icon - Heart Undertale SOUL - Dark Orange 
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William125Professional Filmographer
Mind If I use this picture for my group, Crossover-Forces?
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rlkittermanHobbyist Photographer
Beautiful fanart!
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That's no moon! 
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Princess Leah and princess serenity? That's a new one!
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Wish, they'd make both Princess Leia and Serenity Disney Princesses.
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LuzanamiStudent Digital Artist
Star Wars is owned by Disney so I get why you wish Leia to be a Disney Princess
But Serenity ?
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AussieDidgeHobbyist General Artist

“Before I get into this feedback, just a quick R.I.P. to Carrie Fisher, for her iconic portrayal of Leia. She will be missed.”


Though these ladies came from different worlds and different backgrounds, they could very well have something in common besides the title of “Princess.”


One could definitely imagine the kind of team these two would form together, a sort of mentor-pupil type relationship as Serenity learns the ropes to protecting her eventual new home, when she becomes Sailor Moon, while Leia possibly prepares diplomatic relations with the Moon Kingdom. At least, in an alternate timeline somewhere. Who knew if Leia wasn’t fighting the Empire whether she could lend assistance and save Serenity’s home from destruction?


But that’s to explore for another time. Meanwhile, there’s much to enjoy on the work you’ve performed for both Leia and Serenity; their dresses; creases, puffs and all, are very nicely put together, you’ve sheened and styled their famous hair incredibly well, and the shading of the moon (what else could it be?) reflects off their skin beautifully.


In addition, the Death Star looming ominously in the background surrounded by other smaller stars makes a wonderful contrast to the bright white dresses that both those Royal Highnesses wear.


Perhaps they’re preparing for one hell of a war, but in any case, you’ve drawn a great picture of princesses from different generations and different styles of media. Excellent job, and keep it up! :clap:

And apologies for the lengthy feedback, I figured this was worth the analysis. :)

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Warriorcats-frostfurHobbyist General Artist
Nice artwork, but what does sailor moon have to do with star wars?
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i love sailor moon since 1995. I have a big following with leia since 1978. now, carrie is with david, what is going to happen next for luke?
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munsterhiHobbyist General Artist
I feel very sad looking at this because princess laya's actress just died
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SophiaDahlenHobbyist General Artist
Well at least she gets to meet up with Han Solo if y'all know what I mean ;-)
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And don't forget about R2
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SophiaDahlenHobbyist General Artist
What happened to him?
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the actor who gave R2 his personality in A New Hope had passed away this year.

So this year we've lost...
Erik Bauersfeld(Admiral Ackbar) April 3rd, 2016
Kenny Baker(R2-D2) Aug. 13th, 2016
Carrie Fisher(Princess/General Leia Skywalker Organa Solo) Dec. 27th, 2016
Debbie Reynolds(Carrie's mother) Dec. 28th, 2016
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Yes in August of this year Now Debbie Reynolds has died
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