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Prince Eric

"Ariel caman!" ...said Prince Eric.

The second one from the big team of Disney's boys! ;]
And... yes - I think about the series so this one is not the last!

I hope you will like it.

Pencil + Sai + PS CS + Volito2

:star: 1st one ~ Aladdin >>> [link]

:star::star::star: Previous works with Disney's characters: [link]

For fans of Prince Eric >>> wallpaper - just press on download.
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hilde-and-mumriksart's avatar
I really like this pose, is it okay i Draw my own Prince character in same pose?? I will give (c) to u if u let me. :) 
Javispart's avatar
So sexy and cute!! I love him 💖😍💖
SirenDrake's avatar
MellxArts's avatar
or in other words... percy Heart Love 
Wael-sa's avatar
Prince Eric (Ariel's husband) looks handsome here, excellent job on him.:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
SliteMoon's avatar
Really handsome!La la la la I love him!Love 
Thompsonlk's avatar
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He looks like Percy Jackson :P
pantheratigris10's avatar
aladin an eric are hot
zaboo17's avatar
Wow, he looks better than the real Disney form!! Awesome job!
Jackjr10's avatar
Hottest Prince in Disney! 

catrin94's avatar
Oh, why, hello.
goldensaphire's avatar
Look it's a dinglehopper!! XD
yeah eric was always one of the better-looking disney princes but your version.... phwoar....
Crimsonoid's avatar
I disagree... I always thought Aladdin was the better-looking =P but i agree he looks perfect in this one =D
i said 'one of the better-looking' :L
Crimsonoid's avatar
Oooooh =O sorry ^^'
Your Eric is way hotter than the Disney Eric
kooky112's avatar
-drool- How did I miss this!?! I have you on my watch list x.x that's what I get for xing through all the pics if there's a huge stack. T.T
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