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Pink Sugar's Birthday

Ladies and gentlemen - Pink Sugar!
Yesterday was her birthday. She is 8 years old.
For this occasion I've done this artwork. ;]

The first picture with Pink Sugar was finished 7.11.2002. :]

Pencil, Photoshop CS, Corel Painter X and Wacom.

:heart::heart::heart:♥ My other works with Pink Sugar: [link]
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rosepetal179's avatar
she is lovely!!! I love it.
squarenuts's avatar
Is this code for "Sweet'N Low"?
joker-nick's avatar
She is to hot to be eight

KosherEd's avatar
It means that the character was CREATED 8 years ago (back then) 
dianagallardo's avatar
wowwwwwww davvero un bel disegno! ma bravo! complimenti :)
MetaCkelldo's avatar
I don't even want to mention how many people were stupid enough to believe that the character was 8, it's not possible for an 8 year old to look like that! Damn it, I hate my internet rage...
LyrisaLove's avatar
It is possible, big eyes and all... But boobs, I agree no 8 year old would have... But who cares? It's still an awesome drawing; isn't it!
MetaCkelldo's avatar
Yes, but the character was made 11 years ago. 8 when this was released. That's my point. I didn't get how people could be so ignorant when the information is in the description.
LyrisaLove's avatar
Yeah, I know but honestly I didn't know how old the character was until I read your review. I only care about the drawing not the age.
LyrisaLove's avatar
Don't worry, I'm not saying you're wrong. :)
Wish I could draw like this though!!!
MetaCkelldo's avatar
I know right, I thought I was getting close but then I realized I'm still far from this...
LyrisaLove's avatar
Me too!!! It's just so amazing!
ToAtoneArt's avatar
You and me both... I don't hate my net rage, though. I hate how many idiots are ON the net. ^^
MetaCkelldo's avatar
I just don't understand how they could be so stupid...
ToAtoneArt's avatar
It's typical these days. People who's first language isn't English, I understand. They don't catch the dialect. But Come On... You know most of these people are American... They're just ditzy, or didn't read it well enough and think it through. >.>;
MetaCkelldo's avatar
lol, yeah. Don't forget that its not just Americans, but Canadians too. We are so much alike it's hard to tell who is what these days.
ToAtoneArt's avatar
Used to bwe a time when Canada was made fun of, but yet given credit. Militarily weak, cowardice, all this other BS, yet smarter, and more considerate. I had Canadian friends in the past. They were nice back then. No, they're all jerks, and most Canadians I meet online, like you said, I can't tell the difference. It's pitiful.

Why don't we just open our borders, and call it "The United States of Candiass". lol
MetaCkelldo's avatar
lol, Probably because we here at Canada still feel that we are different from those in the US, seeing as how we are generally more liked world-wide. Thats just my opinion...

P.S. I am Canadian, sorry if you couldn't tell.
ToAtoneArt's avatar
Which, in some ways, I only think that's true because Canada isn't involved in as many direct trades, and doesn't make as many movies etc. A lot of other countries rate us via movies (lots of sex, drugs, and generally stupid movies for the past 7+ years until recently). And their ability to stay out of national conflict gets them both good and bad press internationally. I mean, Sweden and Switzerland are generally well liked, too. But I dare one person outside of Canada to be smart enough to name more shows than five. Or even some interesting facts about their culture ASIDE from maple syrup and hockey.

I figured. ;)
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phirripree's avatar
I think he means that it's been 8 years since her created her...
ArtemisApolloAthena's avatar
:P i have the same thing like Photoshop CS and Wacom Bamboo One, but I even can't draw a face right! This is AMAZING!
Is she really 8? she looks like she's 14 :P
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